D'Addario EXL157 XL Electric Baritone Guitar Strings 14-68

1 Set of D'Adarrio XL Electric Baritone Guitar strings.

By: on 9 January 2015
The nickel wound string is better on my baritone resonator as bronze loses it brightness on the lower strings sooner, particularly the 6th, which undermines the point of having a baritone guitar.

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1 Set (6 strings per set) - D'Addario XL Electric Baritone Guitar Strings
D'Adarrio's XL Electric Guitar strings are favoured by artists like Mark Tremonti, John Scofield, Pat Metheny, and Brad Delson.

D'Addario Tradition
Since inventing the wound string technique, D'Addario have been manufacturing wound strings for over 3 centuries for various instruments. Their Electric guitar strings are wound with nickel-plated steel, which gives them a bight and glossy edge.

Baritone Medium Gauge
The EXL157 Medium gauge strings designed are specifically for long scale baritone electric guitars, such as B tuned Danelectros. The strings have a bright tone, deep tone and are regarded highly by many guitar players for their excellent intonation.

String gauges below in inches:

  • E. 1st - .014"
  • B. 2nd - .018"
  • G. 3rd - .026w"
  • D. 4th - .044"
  • A. 5th - .056"
  • E. 6th - .068"

Custom Label: DA-EXL157


Shipping Weight: 0.0500