iPad and USB Camera Connection Kit - Record with any Mic on iPad!


By: on 1 April 2016
Hi firstly thanks Swamp for being a great store, secondly Apple's closed iDevices are a royal PAIN. This adaptor won't work on iPads past iOS 6 since apple test plugged in devices and essentially block them. I'l need to buy the genuine rip-off $40 adapter so I can plug my Launchkey in!

By: on 18 March 2016
Fantastic product at a great price, that allows import of photos to iPad via SD, Micro SD, or USB. Many thanks.

By: on 18 March 2016
Fantastic product at a great price, that allows import of photos to iPad via SD, Micro SD, or USB. Many thanks.

By: on 18 December 2015
Always wanted one and now I got one. Easy to use but I found you cannot export from your iPad to the USB Or Memory Card which is a disappointment otherwise this is handy. Thank you.

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iPad Camera Connection Kit - Lighting to USB
This iPad camera connection kit allows the user to connect an ipad to a vast range of USB devices including USB microphones and audio interfaces such as the SWAMP X-USB. It can also used to transfer photos, images and recordings from the digital camera to the iPad or iPad Mini. Featuring 3 ports - USB, SD and Micro SD, the kit will cater for most methods of storage and data transfer. With this kit, you can transfer photos no matter where you are, allowing for a quick, convenient back up, averting fears of ever losing your work.

Record on your iPad - Connect a USB MIC or Audio Interface
The SWAMP Camera Connection Kit allows you to record using any of our USB microphones or via an audio interface like the SWAMP X-USB. The Camera Connection Kit turns your iPad into a portable recording studio.

3 in 1 Connection Kit with SD, MicroSD and USB inputs
The 3 in 1 connection kit supports standard JPEG, RAW and similar photo file formats. To save files on your iPad or Computer, the digital camera should create a named DCIM folder when using SD or Micro SD in which photos will be stored. USB users will have to create this manually.

Ultra-Compact Size
The camera connection kit is small enough to fit in your pocket or camera case, but large enough not to be easily misplaced.

Features and Specifications:

  • USB, SD and Micro SD adapter
  • Connect to iPad via Lightening
  • Suitable for most digital cameras
  • Compatible with i0S9.3
  • Supports JPEG, RAW files
  • Does not include cables
  • Dimensions: 550mm (w) x 450mm (h) x 125mm (d)

Custom Label: GC-CK31


Shipping Weight: 0.0400