MOTU Micro Lite 5 x 5 MIDI USB Interface for PC or MAC

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The MOTU Micro Lite is a compact 5 in, 5 out MIDI interface that is portable, easy to install and even easier to use.

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MOTU Micro Lite 5 x 5 MIDI Interface - All the MIDI You Need at a Great Price
The MOTU Micro Lite is a compact 5 in, 5 out MIDI interface that is portable, easy to install and even easier to use. Compatible with both Windows or OS X operating systems, the Micro Lite features a high speed USB connection and provides capability for up to 80 MIDI channels of audio.

Suitable for Most MIDI Controllers and Instruments
The MOTU Micro Lite can be used with just about any MIDI controller or Instrument that uses a 5 pin DIN MIDI connection. Simply plug your controller or instrument into the Micro Lite, which then connects to your laptop/PC's USB port, allowing you to control software virtual instruments via MIDI. Using this device will allow you to adjust instrument tones in real time, providing you with convenient flexibility and total control over your sounds when recording or performing.

Up To 80 Channels of Playback
With five independent MIDI inputs and outputs, the Micro Lite permits up to 80 separate MIDI channels to be sent/received with your software.

Expansion and Hot Swapping
On the occasions when you need extra MIDI inputs to record or play from multiple MIDI sources, the Micro Lite is easily expandable, simply by plugging gin any other Motu MIDI interface into any available USB port. In fact, the Micro Lite, with its super fast USB connections, allows for "hot swapping", which is seamless disconnection/reconnection of devices without requiring shut down of your computer system.

Compact and Rack Mountable
The MOTU Micro Lite is small enough to be carried around in your shoulder bag, laptop case or audio case. Yet, with the removable custom rack attachments, the Micro Lite can easily be rack mounted into a 19" rack case either alongside another Micro Lite, fastened with a custom centre joiner or independently on a rack tray.

High Quality Studio-Grade Sound
The Micro Lite has been engineered with MOTU’s renowned, award-winning audio interface technology, which delivers the uncompromising audio quality and rock-solid performance MOTU interfaces are known for worldwide. You can always record and mix with confidence, even in most demanding professional recording situations, knowing that decades of engineering experience are behind you, every step of the way.


  • Record, edit and save
  • Up to 80 channels of record and playback
  • Suitable for any MIDI device, instrument or controller
  • Expansion: Easy to add multiple Multi Lite
  • Compatibility: Mac OSX 10.2 or later, or PC Windows 7/Vista
  • Package includes a CD with required drivers and software
  • Computer Connection Type: USB
  • Form Factor: Desktop or Rack Mountable
  • MIDI: 5 independent inputs and outputs
  • Power: USB (no adapter required)
  • LED active lights
  • Dimensions: 9.5" (24.13cm) x 7"(17.75cm) x 1.75" (4.45cm)

PDF Manual for all users

Custom Label: MOTU-Micro-Lite

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