SWAMP Powered Mixer - 5 Channel - 2x 68W 8ohm

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This two in one mixer / power amplifier combo is a great travel companion for touring musicians and sound engineers.

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5 Channel Rack Mounting PA Mixer Amplifier Combo - 2x 62W RMS @ 8ohm Powered Mixer

Portable Live Sound - Mixer + Amplifier
This two in one mixer / power amplifier combo is a great travel companion for touring musicians and sound engineers. It's both light-weight and compact, and features a hardy handled case for protection and easy portability.

Great for Small Gigs or Events
The mixer component features 5 microphone / instrument inputs on the front, as well as a stereo RCA CD input, and a Recording Output. It also has onboard digital effects as well as a 7-band graphic EQ so you can tune it just right for the acoustics of the room. These features, combined with 62W of power on each channel, make it ideal for smaller gigs with only a few band members of for conferences and smaller events.

Amp Insert Jack - Use just the 'mixer' or just the 'amp'
This unit has a unique feature in that it has an input/output that works as an insert for either the amplifier or the mixer component. The "amp insert" plug can be used to send the signal from the mixer to a separate amplifier or sound system, like a powered monitor or an additional powered speaker for extra sound reinforcement. It can also be used to receive a signal from an external source to run through the internal power amplifier, thus being able to be used as a standalone amplifier. This insert jack can also be used with an insert cable to side-chain an outboard effects rack, applying effects to the main outputs.

24-Bit DSP Multi Effects
Like any good all in one mixer, this unit comes with on board digital effects. The 24-bit processor comes with all the standard effects including room reverb, plate reverb, chorus, flange, delay, and a few combinations. Dial in the effect and apply it to each channel individually using the FX pot.


  • Inputs:
    • 5x XLR Balanced Mic Inputs
      or 5x 1/4" Unbalanced Line Level Inputs
    • Stereo RCA CD Input (Line Level)
    • 1/4" TRS post mixer insert
  • Output:
    • Stereo RCA Rec out
    • 2x Speakon Outputs (each 62W RMS @ 8ohm, 100W RMS @ 4ohm)
    • 1/4" Pre amplifier Side-chain out
  • On Board Digital Effects
  • Weight: 7.76kg
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 483mm x 89mm x 125mm


Custom Label: KF-PM52D


Shipping Weight: 12.2000