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Home Studio Vocal Recording Package - BM-700 Condenser + USB Interface
Home Studio Vocal Recording Package - BM-700 Condenser + USB Interface
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Home Studio Vocal Recording Package - BM-700 Condenser + USB Interface
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Professional Home Recording Package
iSK and Swamp have teamed up to deliver a perfect combination of products suited for home studios and those serious about producing professional audio and vocal recordings at home. Finally you can record high quality tracks without the need for overly expensive equipment or studio session time.

Audio Interface Included!
This package includes an ART USB Dual Preamp / Audio Interface. Allowing you to power the microphone, plug in headphones for monitoring and connect to ANY computer with a USB port for recording. The ART Audio Interface comes with its own recording software but can also be connected to any other recording application / DAW including Garage Band, Logic, Reaper, Abelton, Cubase, Sonar, Adobe Audition, Sony ACID, Pro Tools etc.

What's included:

1x iSK RF-2 - Reflection Filter / Vocal Booth system - a portable recording unit that will reduce room ambience within a recording. It has advanced absorptive walls consisting of 5 pieces of high quality metal panels with conical foam layering.
1x iSK BM-700 - Condenser Microphone - perfect vocal recording microphone for home studio's. Captures sound with incredible clarity and warmth. Also great for instruments such as acoustic guitars. The BM-700 delivers an accurate and true sound never heard before on a mic of this price.
1x ART USB Dual Pre USB Audio Interface - makes it easy and affordable to plug your mic or audio source into your computer. The USB Dual Pre packs a fully-featured dual preamp and a USB interface into a very compact, tough housing. This unit can use your computer for USB power, or you can use a 9-volt battery or an external 12-volt power supply (sold separately). It features two combination XLR/1/4" TRS inputs, phantom power for up to two mics at a time, a mini headphone jack, and two balanced 1/4" outputs (these can be used to go to your speakers or as preamp outputs). Independent channel gain, monitoring, and mix controls are also included on the USB Dual Pre.
1x iSK HP-980 - Professional Monitoring Headphones - closed-back design, ideal for studio monitoring applications. Featuring a flat frequency response and high power output. New generation of XXL membrane high definition driver delivers an accurate and exquisite sound.
1x iSK SPS014 - Microphone Pop-Filter - featuring a unique double-net design. When recording vocals in the studio, it is essential to use a pop filter (popper stopper) to reduce sibilance and plosives, ie 'esses' and pops. Usually present when signing words beginning with "S" and "P".
1x Swamp Vocal Booth Stand - Built tough with thick metal tubing, while featuring a narrow tripod base to save on floor space. Suitable for supporting all the iSK vocal booths.
1x Headphone Hanger - A great little device that can be attached to any microphone stand, allowing for a pair of headphones to be hung in a convenient position.
1x Swamp XLR 5m cable - To enable the connection of the microphone to your mixer or audio device, a quality balanced and dual shielded XLR cable is included.
1x USB A to B - 2m cable - (included with ART-USBDualPre) To enable the connection of the audio interface to your computer, a 2m fully shielded USB cable is included.

More Home Recording Packages from SWAMP

We offer a range of different home recording packages to suit different needs and budgets. We offer packages with an "Audio Interface" included, that require absolutely nothing else except a computer to start recording. We also offer packages without the interface, in case you already have one or a suitable computer sound card. You can then select from different microphone, vocal booth and headphone combinations to tailor the packages to your preferences, needs, and budget.

BM-600 + RF-5 + HP-580

The BM-600 has a similar sound to the BM-700, but with 3 selectable pick up patterns, as well as a low shelf and 10dB pad. Also features the new HP-580 monitoring headphones.

Package Price $349.99

BM-700 + RF-2 + HP-580

This package includes the stylish new model of vocal booth from iSK, the RF-5. Also features the new HP-580 monitoring headphones.

Package Price $299.99

BM-700 + RF-2 + HP-580 +ART Audio Interface

With the addition of the ART USB Audio Interface, this package includes EVERYTHING need to start recording onto any computer with a USB port. The ART interface also comes with DAW recording software!

Package Price $399.99

SKU MP-RF-2-BM-700-HP980-USB
Weight 9.00 kg


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