48 Channel Multipin Multicore Cable w/ Monitor Split - 32 Sends + 16 Returns

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Allows for the 32 input channels to be split to both a FOH "front of house" and SOS "side of stage" mixing desk. Includes 30m FOH multicore and 10m monitor split multicore.

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SWAMP 48 channel Multicore Cable with 10m Monitor Split
Allows for the 32 input channels to be split to both a FOH "front of house" and SOS "side of stage" mixing desk. 8 FOH return channels can carry the main output signals from the mixer back to the stagebox, while there are also 8 individual return channels on the 10m SOS cable that can be used to carry the foldback / monitor signals.

19" Rack Mountable + Multi-pin Cable
Constructed in a robust metal stage box that's mountable in any 19" rack case or frame, taking up 5U of space. Featuring multi-pin connectors allowing for each tail to be disconnected after use. Allows for simplified set up and safely secures the unit during transport. A professional solution for touring applications.

FOH - Front of House Application
Instruments (DI Box) and microphones are plugged into the send inputs marked 1 to 32 on the stage box. All 32 XLR balanced inputs (sends) are sent through the main multicore cable, designed to be taken to a mixing desk directly in front of a stage. The cable also features 8 return channels for carrying the main mix signals from the FOH mixer back to the stage for connecting to power amplifiers and speakers.

SOS - Side of Stage / Monitor Desk Application - 10m Cable
All 32 XLR balanced inputs (sends) are split inside the stage box and sent through the 10m multicore cable, designed to be taken to a mixing desk beside the stage. The 10m cable features 8 return channels, allowing for many individual monitor mixes to be sent back to the stage box for connecting to monitors / foldback speakers.

Why have a Monitor Mixing Desk Side of Stage?
Professional musicians require, or at least prefer to, receive there own individual monitor "mix" in their foldback speaker. Which is tweaked to include only instruments they need to hear for performance. These "tweaks" often need to be made during sound check or even throughout a show, having the sound technician in close proximity to the musicians allows for simplified communication to adjust monitor mixes (AUX Channels).

Why Purchase a SWAMP Multicore?
SWAMP has been designing and manufacturing analog multicores for over 7 years. Selecting quality connectors and dual layer foil + copper shielded, balanced multicore cable, ensures a SWAMP multicore is noiseless, durable and reliable.


  • 19 inch rack case mountable stage box (5U)
  • High quality, locking multi-pin connectors
  • 32 input (send) channels
  • 16 output (return) channels
  • FOH multicore cable tail
  • 10m SOS multicore cable tail


  • Cable Conductors: 0.15mm*7*2 (Bare Cooper Conductors)
  • Cable Shield: 0.15mm*7 (Tinned Copper - Ground) + Aluminum Foil Shield
  • Inner cotton filler
  • Polyethylene insulated conductors
  • Outer Diameter: 29mm OD


This item includes a SWAMP 1 year warranty. All warranty claims must be made through SWAMP Industries.

Custom Label: SBL74


Shipping Weight: 38.0100