FOSTEX Studio Monitor Speaker Package - 2x PM0.5d and 1x PM Sub

FOSTEX Studio Monitor Speaker Package - 2x PM0.5d and 1x PM Sub
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These monitors are perfect for a home studio or smaller commercial studios where space can limit speaker placement options. The PM0.

Exceptional audio performance matched to jaw-dropping good looks

The PM0.5d - Bi-amped Powerhouse of Crystal Clear Audio
These monitors are perfect for a home studio or smaller commercial studios where space can limit speaker placement options. The PM0.5d is Fostex's latest brainchild, employing the most recent technological advancements in studio monitoring and 70 watts of bi-amped power to produce a fantastic full range performance with exceptional neutrality even at higher volumes. Features a UFLC 20mm soft dome HF unit and 130mm LF woofer and input gain control.

The PM Sub - 68 Watts of Awesome Bass Sound
Designed as the perfect partner to a PM0.5d, the new Fostex PM-SUBn sub woofer features a brand new 68 watt amplifier and a 200mm driver to deliver precise, low frequency reproduction and excellent deep bass output.

Ideal Monitor Package for Home Studios
Ideal for applications where clear, precise, ‘full-spectrum’ audio and flexible monitoring are required. - A combination of power and accuracy that will satisfy even the most discerning listener. With the dispersion of the PM0.5d's from the two way ported enclosure design, it will deliver a superb sound almost regardless of room acoustics, you can't beat these studio monitors for versatility and all round good looks. The compact design allows for ideal speaker placement even in tight spaces.

Item Includes:
- 2x
- 1x PM Sub

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PM0.5d Features:

  • 60 watts of bi-amped power
  • matched pair of speakers
  • 3/4" silk dome tweeter / 5" LF woofer
  • Newly designed matte front baffle
  • Magnetically shielded
  • Rear port
  • The PM0.5n has built upon the already extremely high performance audio quality from PM0.5mk2 with improved drivers
  • The LF drivers have been developed to obtain extremely pure music reproduction by employing the latest technology in cone material.
  • The cone uses a mixture of cut and milled fibers that are made from aromatic polyamide. It is then impregnated with resins to simultaneously achieve high rigidity and optimum damping.
  • The cone also has an olefin film thermally adhered to its surface to control frequency response and to establish long term reliability.
  • The center dust cap is made of non-wood cellulose material and is also impregnated with resin.
  • The voice coil is made of super high purity copper wire to achieve extremely low distortion.
  • The 20mm soft dome tweeter employs Fostex’s UFLC technology (Poly Urethane Film Laminated Cloth) to achieve light weight and high stability performance.
  • The amplifiers are precisely calibrated to match the performance capability of the drivers
  • Magnetically shielded for proximate setting to video monitor
  • Elegantly silk-screen printed 'Fostex' logo with blue LED

PM0.5d Specifications:

  • Enclosure System: 2-way bass-reflex system with rear port
  • HF unit: 20mm Silk Dome
  • LF Unit: 130mm Fibre Glass woofer
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz - 30kHz
  • Crossover Frequency: 2kHz
  • Impedence :10k ohm or higher
  • Nominal Input Level: -10dBV
  • Connector : TS 1/4 inch jack unbalanced, RCA pin unbalanced
  • Amp Power: Low Frequency: 35 watts, High Frequency: 23 watts
  • Amp Distortion: less than 0.01% T.H.D. @25W, 4-ohm 20Hz-20kHz
  • Amp Signal to Noise: less than 84dB, 20Hz-30kHz, unweighted
  • Amp Slew Rate: 15V / µ sec
  • Inputs: XLR-3-31(balanced) and 6mm TRS Phone (unbalanced)
  • Physical Dimensions: 165w x 270h x 214.50d (mm)
  • Weight: 4.5kg
  • Power Requirement / Consumption: 60W (AUS)

PM Sub Features:

  • 200mm / 7.9" woofer
  • Newly designed, exclusive 68W high-power amplifier
  • Easy to set-up (just a single gain control and phase reverse switch)
  • Newly designed, compact, closed type enclosure
  • 200mm long-stroke woofer unit with a paper cone. Constructed using a mix of light BKP (Bleached Kraft Pulp) combined with ultra-strong Kevlar fiber
  • Newly designed 68W high-power amplifier
  • High quality wood cabinet feature a rich, glossy black front baffle, perfectly matching the acclaimed PM-n series.
  • Controls for Volume and Low-Pass frequency (50 / 150Hz) and phase (0 / 180 degree) allowing easy matching with PM0.4n, PM0.5d or other powered monitors
  • RCA Pin and phono jack I/O
  • Package includes Stereo RCA Pin – RCA Pin cable (1.5m), Stereo mini – RCA Pin cable (1.5m) and 2 x Phone-Phone cable (2m). - All you need is in the box!

PM Sub Specifications:

Amplifier Section

  • Rated Output: 68W
  • Input Terminal: 6mm TS phone, RCA Pin
  • Input Sensitivity: 100mV
  • Input Impedance: 20k ohm or more
  • Output Terminal: 6mm TS phone, RCA Pin
  • Functions: Phase switch (0/180 degree), Cross-over adjustment (50/150Hz),
  • Volume control

Speaker Section

  • Type: Closed type acoustic suspension
  • Speaker Unit: 20cm cone type (simplified magnetically shielded)
  • Impedance: 8 ohm


  • Dimensions: 300(W) x 301(H) x 364(D)mm
  • Weight: Approx. 11.6kgs
  • Supplied accessories: Stereo RCA cable (1.5m), Stereo mini – RCA pin cable (1.5m),
  • Phone-Phone cable (2m) x 2 (Red/White)
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