JOYO JW-01 Digital Wireless "Cable" Transmitter and Receiver System for Guitar

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The JW-01 Wireless System for guitar or bass must be one of the most stable, decent, and usable control for the price of a regular stomp-box pedal. Driven by rechargeable batteries offering 4 hours, and a consistent and reliable tone and range.

Wireless "Cable" - Transmitter and Receiver System for Guitar
Escape restricting cables with the JOYO JW-01 Wireless System! A compact, battery powered design makes this system a perfect addition for any on-stage rig, or to reduce clutter in the practice space. While perfect for integrating into Guitar rigs, this system can be applied in any intrument to amplifier context as long as 1/4" Jack connections are used.

Reliable Digital UHF Signal
Using a high resolution digital UHF signal, the JOYO JW-01 transmits uncoloured, low noise signal from instrument to amp. Low latency ensures no signal delay or dropouts, regardless of where you are on stage.

Battery Powered - 2-3 Hours Battery Life
Both the transmitter and receiver are battery powered in this system. This means no need for extra power cables near your amp and also no extra patch cables to pedal boards or belt pack transmitters.

Easy Synchronisation
The JW-01 is virtually a plug-and-play system. To syncronise transmitter receiver, hold the two units within 1 meter of each other and press the "Catch" button. The two units now "communicate" with each other and will stay connected until you decide to sync them with another unit. Now just plug the transmitter into the instrument and the receiver into the jack socket of an amp and you are in business!

Additional Mic Input
The JW-01 also includes a 3.5mm TRS mic input. This means the system can also be used to transmit a lavelier or video microphone signal.


  • Instrument tone preserved with high quality digital signal
  • Low Latency
  • Rechargable Lithium Battery
  • 2-3 Hours Battery Life After 2 Hour Charge  
  • Not Influenced by External Signals like Analog
  • Charging 5V DC Power Supply and USB Cable Included 
  • Simple Plug and Play Operation


  • Frequency: 2.4GHz Digital Audio Transfer
  • Effective Distance: Up to 20-30m Indoor and 50-80m Outdoor
  • Power: Lithium Rechargeable via USB or 5v DC (Included)
  • Guitar Connector: Straight 1/4" Male Jack
  • Mic Input: 3.5mm TRS Input
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions:
    • Transmitter: 65mm (H) x 52mm (W) x 25mm (D)
    • Receiver: 92mm (H) x 42mm (W) 25mm (D)
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