Mackie are one of the most well known professional companies for audio products and solutions throughout the world. Founded in Seattle in 1988, Greg Mackie's goal was to produce innovative and affordable compact pro mixers. In the 1990's it was common to see Mackie mixers in use for concert performances, TV studios and pro recording and home studios. The CR-1604 mixer sold in the hundred's of thousands by 1996, making it the largest selling mixer in the world.

At the same time, Mackie started developing solutions in the fields of power amps, powered mixers, and active studio monitors. Many studios highly rated the Mackie monitors, and by now, they were also developing a popular range of powered and passive speakers. Today, Mackie represents high quality and design, with solutions in digital mixers, loudspeaker and hardware, monitor controllers, audio interfaces, control surfaces, in-ear monitors, and headphone amplifiers.

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