Multicore Cable w/ Stage Box - 24 Channels

Features 20 XLR balanced send and 4 return channels. Multicore cable with stagebox and fan featuring Yongsheng connectors.

By: on 14 June 2013
Sensational. When you're gigging regularly, you can't afford for something to be unreliable. You need to know that you can plug it in and it will work flawlessly every time. This unit does. Nice work guys.

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SWAMP 24 channel multicore cable with stage box and fan featuring Ningbo Neutrik connectors.

Features 20 XLR balanced send and 4 return channels. Instruments (DI Box) and microphones are plugged into the send inputs marked 1 to 20 on the stagebox. The signals are carried through the multicore to 20 corresponding XLR(m) number coded connectors.

There are both 4x XLR(m) and 4x 1/4" TRS return outputs on the stage box, the four return channels are marked A to D. These channels connect to 4x XLR(f) connectors which are used to take the output signals of the mixer back to the stage box for connections with amplifiers and speakers.

Typically used to connect performers on stage to a mixing desk.

This is a excellent quality fully shielded, balanced multicore cable featuring Ningbo Neutrik XLR connectors on both the stage box and fan end.


  • 20 balanced Send Channels
  • 4 balanced Return Channels
  • Optional XLR(m) and 1/4"(f) TRS return channel jacks
  • 20 meter cable length
  • Ningbo Neutrik Connectors - Stage box (YS145, YS146) - Fan (YS136N, YS137N)


This item includes a SWAMP 1 year warranty. All warranty claims must be made through SWAMP Industries.

Custom Label: N-Multi 24

SKU: N-Multi-24

Shipping Weight: 15.5000