We have carefully tailored our mic range to offer options that deliver the best value and performance in their category. We are also here to assist you with selecting the right mic for your application and budget. A recent customer and staff favourite is the iSK DM-3500 dynamic vocal mic , with many people ditching their SM58 and Beta58 in favour of this $80 mic, including our own sale manager / gigging musician. To learn more about the the differences between dynamic, condenser and tube mics, check out our microphone buying guide .

Buy microphones of all types including dynamic, condenser, USB, tube, ribbon and wireless mics.We stock leading brands including Audio-Technica, Blue Microphones, MXL, Saramonic, Shure and also exciting new brands including iSKAlctronand Comica that are distributed by SWAMP.

Shop a wide range of microphones to suit live stage applications for voice and instruments, and studio microphones to cover tracking anything from vocals to drums. We aim to stock models that offer great performance and value for the user, offering a range with something for all levels and professions. Reach out to us for knowledgeable support to help choose the right mic for your application or check our buyers' guide.

What to Look for When Buying Microphones for Sale Online

Regardless of the brand or style, some of the key things to consider when shopping online for a mic include:

Type: Large condenser microphones are commonly used for recording vocals or voice-overs while smaller diaphragm condensers for instruments and choirs. Loud instruments like drums and guitar amps use dynamic mics. Broadcasters often prefer a dynamic over a condenser as they are far less sensitive to other room noise. While ribbon and tube mics are often only used for specific purposes within recording studios.

Connectivity: An XLR or USB cable is often required to connect to your recording device or speaker/amplifier. Mics with USB outputs can be connected directly to a computer while those with XLR outputs need to be plugged into a mixer or audio interface for pre-amplification and recording. Smaller lavalier / lapel varieties normally have a cable with a 3.5mm TRS aux style plug for direct connection to smartphones and laptops.

Set-up: Are you setting up a home recording studio or starting a professional podcast? Maybe you’re out vlogging or recording on a film set. Each of these environments will have different needs. The size and form factor of the mic may become important as well as the stand and shockmount. Wind shields become important when recording outside, while pop filters and isolation booths assist with crystal clear takes. If travelling on the road, whether with a large film set or stage production events, having mic bags and cases for protection and easy transport and storage is a must.

Space: Beyond the room set up, the acoustics of the space and comfort of the performer, host, or musician should be considered as well. Reverberations of sound within a room can effect audio quality. Using acoustic treatment such as pyramid foam, fibreglass panels and bass traps can help eliminate unwanted sounds and echo. While a dedicated vocal booth can provide complete isolation. Ensuring your microphone selection and acoustic treatment matches the intended space setup for the performer is a key point to be mindful of.

Budget: Cost is always a factor to consider. Models can have a huge differences in prices but the impact on the quality of sound may be minimal. There are certainly applications where every percentage point of increased performance is desirable, say when recording a vocal take in a studio. Though for many applications you don't need to break the bank to get great performance. We combine brands and models that offer great value and suit a wide range of requirements.

Supplying Audio Equipment Australia-wide

We work with audio enthusiasts, recording studios, live performance venues and sound event companies across Australia, sourcing and stocking brands that cater to every project need. If you’re working in the music industry or studying music, you can also apply for one of our Trade or Education accounts. While musical and audio retailers have access to brands that we import and distribute at wholesale prices.

With the best prices everyday and a huge range accessing some of the world’s leading musical equipment companies, we know that you’ll come to see why SWAMP is one of Australia’s best suppliers of premium audio equipment.