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It is our aim to source and supply our customers with quality products at the best possible prices, while also maintaining high levels of customer service and technical support.

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Michelle: Benny Andersson (ABBA) fan

27 September 2018
I can't play a note. I did, however, need a guitar case to home my Benny Andersson autographed guitar. The team respond quickly and give great advice. I purchased the correct case to home my precious fender guitar. Shipping was quick, and item well packaged. Highly recommended. I'd return here if the need should ever arise. There's plenty of good providers out there BUT I doubt if others can tick all the boxes. Many thanks to the team at SWAMP!

Efficient and Affordable

13 September 2018
Picked out the Home Recording Studio, cheaper than anyone else. Good customer service, I wasn't sure but all explained by sales rep (sorry can't remember name) all arrived in couple of days was set up within 20 mins. Will continue to deal with Swamp in future and recommend to all.

Good guitar strings

6 September 2018
After re-stringing with your guitar strings, my guitar sounds good again. The price was good and they arrived quickly. Thanks.

Great Service

28 August 2018
No complaints with Swamp Industries Ordered new claws and tension rods every thing on time and exactly as ordered, I will now be ordering all my Drum parts from Swamp.

SWAMP Amplifier / Foldback Monitor Stand - Large

23 August 2018
Very happy with this product and especially the courteous and helpful customer service I received when inquiring as to its suitability for my needs. Almost immediate dispatch and very quick delivery. Will not hesitate to use this company again.

Rowin Twin Looper

21 August 2018
No complaints here, great service etc. I use this looper for practising at home so I haven't put it through it's paces at a gig, but I can't see any reason why it couldn't be used that way. Doesn't come with a power supply or take a battery, but $6 on eBay sorted that out.

Great Cables Great Price

15 August 2018
Had to have back up cables for my TS4 Bose Tonematch Mixer. Tried Bose but they were unstocked. Turned to Swamp and very happy. Got 4 Channel Shells Connectors in the Mail now twice. Good Work. Good Price.

Foldback Monitor Stand - Large

30 July 2018
I bought a couple of the Foldback Monitor Stand - Large, one for my VOX VT40X and one for my old marshall 8020. Perfect for both amps. Could most likely use for larger sized amps as well. Seem like pretty good quality easy and quick to set up. Very Happy.

Alice guitar strings

27 July 2018
Great price, does the job nicely, top service. I’ll be back for sure.

Guitar Strings

10 July 2018
I needed some strings for my cigar box guitars. These strings meet my need perfectly. Easy buy. Prompt delivery and great condition. Tell your friends! I will be buying more fromSWAMP.

The Best Online Shopping Period

2 July 2018
I've bought a couple of things...some after I forgot to get them the first time. Sale is easy. The shipping is what blows me away. It gets to here (sydney) faster than anything else I've ordered online...even without Express. You guys are awesome.

Great service

29 June 2018
I needed an audio splitter urgently and I didn’t have any time buffer as it was being sent to a friend who was flying over to meet me in Serbia. Tim was exceptional in his communication and delivered when I needed it. Thank you!

Swamp SG10 Portable Battery Amp.

16 June 2018
Absolutely exceptional service and what a great product. Rechargeable battery unit with inbuilt charger and excellent sound. Outstanding advice and speedy delivery. After a lot of research, this would have to be the best " busker " product going. Thanks fellas.

Saramonic SmartRig

4 June 2018
First up, the service, communication and speedy delivery from Swamp Industries was nothing short of exceptional. I've bought other gear from them over the years and have never had a reason to complain about anything. With regards to the Saramonic SmartRig, it's a great little unit to connect and convert a range of audio feeds. I agree with other reviews that the plastic case seems to be a let down with regards to the quality of the product. But there's no faulting it's quality of functions

RCA Audio cable interconnects

21 May 2018
Nicely made RCA cables using quality fittings and cable. Labour costs to assemble are very reasonable. Prompt and safe delivery of my order

61 Key - keyboard carry bag

17 May 2018
This bag is great quality and well made at an very affordable price. Nice amount of padding and has a generous sized zipped pocket for storing music books, adapters etc. Arrived super fast! Great communication. Will definitely buy from Swamp again.

Re TC Electronic Forcefield compression pedal

14 May 2018
Great sellers, item came very quickly and their website gave me a good idea of the product before purchase, best price on ebay.

SWAMP carrier bag

1 May 2018
Great product - reasonable price, strong fabric, well made and well padded. Zips and carrier handles seem to be strong and reliable. Couldn't be happier. Order arrived in good time.

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Professional HEAD PHONES

13 March 2018

not a single problem!

12 March 2018
Have ordered a few items now. I could justify paying express postage, so that, a couple of mic stands, and a guitar lead still ended up heaps cheaper than if i purchased 2 stands in town. Gear seems to be decent quallity, only time will tell.

Great services and prices

31 January 2018
Strings were very price competitive adn arrived in a couple of days. Very easy to do business.

Joao Beale Street amp head

29 January 2018
After a mix-up with specs on a cabinet, Swamp Industries were brilliant in the return process. I decided to replace the speaker cabinet with a Joyo Beale Street amp head - so glad I did. Think this is just a brilliant amp - and love the bright channel. Prefer it to my Mesa Five 25 head. It sounds great with the Mesa 90 watt Black Shadow open back 23" cab, and I use a Wampler Faux Spring reverb pedal with it. Just love this head. It is what I associate with Fender clean - alive, clean. Pedals are just great through it. Thank you Swamp Industries.

Canberra's Premier Music Store!

24 January 2018
You guys are absolutely killing it as Canberra's premier music store, so on behalf of all the Canberra musos, thanks so much and keep up the great work!


15 January 2018
i have bought a few studio items now from swamp industries.i have found the company to list, properly when the items are heavy duty quality products. unlike some other internet listed companies.i would recommend anyone out there.if your looking for good honest value,consider swamp. cheers.

iSK BDM-1 Kick Drum Microphone

11 January 2018
I have to admit i'm not a regular Swamp customer but the handful of times I have bought from them has been hassle free. Quality products at excellent prices and really, really fast post. Swamp is definitely a company you can buy with confidence.

effects pedals patch cables

10 January 2018
hi - exactly what I ordered delivered quickly - well packaged - will order from swamp again when I need something - cheers - DJ


2 January 2018
Hi Guys, just received my cymbal stand and I am amazed at the quality and robustness of it so much so I have just ordered another one just in case I add to my cymbal collection. I am a very happy customer. Thanks also for the super fast delivery.

SWAMP Impedance Transformer XLR(f) 1-4(m) - Mic to

12 December 2017
Excellent , noiseless and works as it should. Good value and quality product. The only product I found in Australia with the cable combination I wanted. Thank you Swamp industries for still supplying quality Audio equipment.

Alice guitar picks

11 December 2017
Excellent product and service Highly recommended

Cables and Mic Stands

29 November 2017
Recently purchased from Swamp, first purchase very happy with quick and easy ordering and fast reliable service.


15 November 2017
Very helpful and experienced service, great products which were delivered in 2 days interstate.

Alice Microphone Stand Pick Holder

11 November 2017
Excellent product and very tempted to purchase another as a spare backup. Customer and postal services were great.

Balanced mic lead

8 November 2017
What can I say? The product was very well priced and arrived in perfect condition much earlier than quoted. Service could not have been better. Will definitely be shopping here again in future!

Ausdom M06

6 November 2017
Great headphone for the price.

Couldn't be happier

27 October 2017
Cheapest price out there, and couldn't have been delivered any quicker if we were next door neighbors. Should call me Shrek...that happy with the swamp.

XVive U2 Rechargeable Wireless Guitar System

24 October 2017
First, I think I had these little babies plugged in to my guitar within three days of placing the order, so thanks for the speedy delivery guys. Awesome service! Let me say to anyone out there who is sick of standing on or tripping over guitar leads, who possibly uses ( in my case ) 4 guitars on stage, or you just want to be able to move around freely without having to watch that you don't tangle your leads up; BUY YOURSELF A PAIR OF THESE! They're pretty much ready to use out of the box ( just a simple pairing process which takes about 1 minute ), they're rechargeable, come with a USB charging cable, and you'll get several hours' use before they need to be juiced up again. And they're great value at the price - don't pay hundreds of $$$ for some of those other complicated systems, these things do an awesome job. Plug the receiver into your effects board ( if you're using one, otherwise straight into your amp ), the transmitter into your guitar and you are wireless and free!!!!! Love these things, thanks guys!

TC Helicon mic mechanic vocal effects pedal

24 October 2017
I purchased this unit about a fortnight ago and used it once on a live show without testing it and it was better than average. I contacted Swamp who was very helpful who told me to download the manual and furthermore my friend sent me a link to a YouTube demo by an american employee who verbally explained and demonstrated the unit to me. That was so informative and so was the staff at swamp. Just a great company to deal with and of course they want their customers to be happy with the product and I of course am delighted not only with the product but with the support 10 /10. I look forward to a long and beneficial relationship with swamp. Thanks everyone

Stage Series Balanced XLR Microphone Cable

20 October 2017
Brilliant cables, running them past some very high electrical noise computing gear with no interference, handles 48v phantom power with no degradation over the length. Brillaint

DB-4C Pro Audio Cable Tester

19 October 2017
Very happy with Swamp service and products. Purchased DB-4C Pro Audio Cable Tester and I am amazed how good it is. Very happy with my purchase.

Great cables at a good price

12 October 2017
Love these cables. Look and feel great. Nice build quality. Prompt delivery. Not much else to say. Nice work.


11 October 2017
I ordered a keyboard bag, prior to ordering I was concerned about it arriving on time. I shouldn't have worried at all. It arrived the next day, I couldn't be happier with the item or the service. Thanks!

Highly Satisfied

3 October 2017
I'm always confident ordering from SWAMP. I know I'll receive quality service, and quality products, packaged well, and promptly delivered.

Neutrik NC3MRX XLR(m) Right Angle Audio Connector

2 October 2017
Great product, excellent service an price. Thanks a lot.

Faster? Impossible!

2 October 2017
My first purchase of SWAMP industries has traveled very far. And prefectly packaged and protected arrived much faster to destination than expected: only 5 days to circumnavigate half a planet! Now the materials ordered from SWAMP are already working in my photographic studio. www.santiagoyaniz.com Thanks!

Great prices and fast delivery!!

2 October 2017
I found the best prices here and allthough it had to be sent to the other side of the world, shipping was fast and went smooth. GREAT!!!

Happy customer

27 September 2017
I have purchased numerous items from swamp and have always recived great products with great service and great prices ,super fast delivery swamp are definitely my go to site for all my musical purchases in the future .


23 September 2017
Hi Guys, Recieved Obbuto triple arms , great service , great communication, hope to use again regards neil...

Fast & Efficient

23 September 2017
Very helpful with my purchase and it arrived at my door in no time at all. Extremely satisfied.

Fantastic - Very glad I found Swamp

22 September 2017
I'll buy all my leads from Swamp from now on. Period. It was only a small order but still the speed of service was fantastic. The quality of the leads is amazing. As was the price. Well done. ****** ( 6 stars )

Joyo JF13 AC Sound

15 September 2017
The price point on this unit AC sound emulator was unbelievably low and given I was about to spend $1500 + on a British tube amp, I just had to spend the $59 and see how this product stacked up on tone. In short the AC tone emulator is brilliant and duplicates the tone of an original tube amp so closely - the slight differences (if any) wouldn't matter to anyone but the worst kind obsessive compulsive! Even then, variances in venue, output settings, instrument and playing style are going to impact on the tone of an original tube amp anyway - but with this product you get pretty much an infinite choice of settings and output tones under your personal control. To be honest as a musician I'm much more interested in developing my own sound than perfectly duplicating someone else - and in finding your personal tone brand, this is certainly a tool you can work with! A joy with this is product is that I can input to a small acoustic practice amp (I also play electric acoustic) and still get a tone I want without the spouse enraging volume! At a venue, just shoot your output straight into a pa for impressive live performance. I found we can also can use our powered mixer line output for multi-track recording through an audio interface and that works with the AC tone brilliantly in terms of tone reproduction and tone experimentation! I've only had the AC Tone unit a short while, so cant honestly attest to long term reliability, although the unit does seem to be robust and well built. At this price however, you can easily afford to purchase a backup for your gear bag! Recently I also ordered the Joyo American Sound emulator and am hoping to find the same versatility in that pedal! It occurs to me that if you are a band just starting out and are looking to own develop your own signature sound, then the Joyo sound emulators provide a cost effective way for a band to do that! - Great product - great price!

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