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Fortnightly - Our original mailing list, coming out monthly with news about us, developments in the way of new products and brands and links to the latest audio and video examples. Known for its generous 'site wide' discount coupons, the qty'ly newsletter will continue to include this, though we recommend joining our Specials for the best savings on particular products.


New Products

Weekly - Be the first to know about exciting new products that are being added to our range. Some new products come with limited price offers, and at times we also offer super specials for those happy to test new products and review for us.

New Products


Bi-Weekly - From time to time we stuff up and order too much stock. Being always on the scout for new products, we are forever running our of warehouse space. Join our specials newsletter for notification of the latest store specials, and from time to time, additional discount coupons!

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Following us on your favourite social platform is by far the best way to keep up to date with all the latest general news, promotions and giveaways at SWAMP. We aim only post relevant information and to try and not bug you too much.