Enya NEXG 2 Carbon Fibre Smart Guitar Deluxe

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Enya NEXG 2 Carbon Fibre Acoustic Smart Guitar - Deluxe

w/ Wireless Pedal, Premium Case, Stand and Accessories

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Deluxe - Black - The Enya NEXG V2 combines a traditional acoustic guitar with advanced audio technology, offering a wide range of built-in effects, looper, drum machine, intuitive interface, app integration, and acoustic profiling to expand your creative


Enya NEXG V2 Carbon Fibre Smart Audio Acoustic Guitar
The Enya NEXG V2 combines a traditional acoustic guitar with advanced audio technology, offering a wide range of built-in effects, looper, drum machine, intuitive interface and app integration, and acoustic profiling to expand your creative potential. Complete with a premium custom gig case, charging stand, wireless footswitch, wireless microphone, and in-ear headphones.

All-in-One Smart Audio Guitar
The NEXG 2 combines the versatility of a traditional acoustic guitar with advanced audio technology, packing multiple features into one sleek instrument. Ignite your creativity with its integrated effects, drum beat, tuner, and vocal remover features, enhancing your playing experience. Shape your sound, add rhythm, stay in tune, and play along effortlessly. Seamlessly connect the NEXG 2 to your smart devices and use it as a wireless speaker, allowing you to stream music, play along with backing tracks, or enjoy high-quality audio wherever you go. Control your effects, loops, and settings with ease through the NEXG 2's intuitive touch-screen interface. Enhance your experience further by integrating with the companion app, unlocking additional features and customisation options.

Speaker System with Dual-Mode Bluetooth
The AR technology is a built-in speaker that has been redesigned for the NEXG2 through nearly a hundred improvements. It has fully optimised the cavity structure and speaker design, making the speaker weight of NEXG2 5% lighter than the previous model but the volume has nearly doubled. Richer mid-to-high frequency details, it also completely solves the annoyance of strong vibrations, making the sound of NEXG2 a revolutionary breakthrough. The NEXG2 is equipped with a dual-mode Bluetooth chip. You can use audio Bluetooth to play music or accompaniment. You can also use another mode of Bluetooth to connect to the Enya Music music platform device control function. The new professional control system can easily adjust the tone, volume, and sound effects of your NEXG2. and various music tools.

Built-In Effects
The NEXG V2 contains dozens of professional digital sound effect modules such as Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Distortion, Auto Wah, Compressor, Octave, Tremolo, Vibrato, etc. Fully adjustable combinations provide countless possibilities. 20 pre-sets are available with easy selection through the touchscreen, and more control via the app.

Built-in Looper and Wireless Footswitch
Capture and layer your musical ideas effortlessly with the onboard looper and wireless pedal, say goodbye to timing challenges and unlock your full musical potential with NEXG2. Refine loops with precise timing and automatic correction. The wireless footswitch allows you to freely control tone switching, loops, drum machines and the tuner.

Acoustic Profiling
Experience authentic acoustic guitar tones with the NEXG 2's acoustic profiling technology, accurately capturing the unique characteristics of your acoustic guitar or any other, and provide realistic simulations.

Inputs / Outputs
Use a 3.5mm TRS output jack to connect your earphones. After connection, the NEXG 2's built-in speaker system will be automatically muted. To avoid hearing damage, make sure to set an appropriate volume level before use.
Ultimate portability and convenience with the detachable design, ensuring easy travel and eliminating the need for extra gear to experience its versatile functions on-the-go.

APP Integration
Enhance your NEXG2 experience with the intuitive companion app, providing additional effects and sound customisation.

Package Includes:
 - NEXG V2 Guitar
 - Custom Premium Case
 - Wireless Pedal
 - Charging Stand
 - Wireless Handheld Microphone
 - In-Ear Headphones
 - Charging Cable
 - Strap


  • 38-inch full size audio guitar
  • Four colours to choose from - Black, Light Blue, Purple, White
  • Integrated Wireless speaker (80W Max), built-in preamp & sound card
  • Built-in loop function with wireless 4-button footswitch
  • Integrated effects & drum beats
  • Intuitive Interface and App Integration
  • Detachable design for easy travel and storage
  • Wired microphone input


  • Size: 38-inch Full Size
  • Colours Available: Black, White, Blue, Purple
  • Speaker: 80W (max) - 12.5W woofer x2 & 15W Tweeter
  • Body Material: Carbon Fibre
  • Fretboard: Radius (16") - Carbon Fibre
  • Nut Width: 1-11/16 Inches & Zero Fret Design
  • Saddle: Bone
  • Scale Length: 23.7 Inches
  • Strings: D'Addario® YP-XS
  • Frets: 20 (Round-End Nickel Silver)
  • Finish: Satin
  • Battery: 43.68Wh / 2600mA
  • System: Enya ES3 Smart Audio
  • Display: 2 inch colourful touch
  • Weight: 2.9kgs

Version Comparison:

Enya released the NEXG 2 version in August 2023 with a few updates and upgrades including a louder 80W speaker, touchscreen, looper and drum machine and the new ES3 smart audio system. Enya have also released a classical model (NEXG 2N) and streamlined/budget friendly model (NEXG SE) in February 2024. View other models in the NEXG series and compare features.

NEXG1 to NEXG2 Upgrades
If you purchased one of the V1 NEXG and wishing you had the features of the V2 - you are in luck as Enya are supporting an upgrade kit that allows you to swap to use NEXG 2 components. Learn about the upgrade options here.







NEXG 1 Smart Guitar Series

NEXG 2 Smart Guitar Series NEXG 2N Smart Guitar Series NEXG SE Smart Guitar Series
Type Steel String Acoustic V1 Steel String Acoustic V2 Nylon Acoustic V2 Steel String Acoustic V2 - Streamlined

Standard (discontinued 2023)

Upgrade to V2 ($370)

Deluxe ($1199): everything included, except wireless headset mic

Basic ($949): no charging stand, wireless handheld mics, in-ear monitor

Silent ($649): no speaker, charging stand, wireless handheld mics

Standard ($1049) Standard ($599)
Speaker 50W (max) 80W (max) 50W (max) 30W (max)
Display Non-touch B&W screen Colorful touch screen Colorful touch screen Non-touch colorful screen
Weight 6.8 lbs. 6.8 lbs. 6.4 lbs. 6.7 lbs.
Strings D'Addario® EXP16 D'Addario® YP-XS Savarez 510AJ Enya Custom Phosphor Bronze
Colours Black, White, Dark blue, Pink Black, White, Light blue, Purple Black, Red, White Light Gray/Light Purple/Light Green/Light Pink
System Enya ES2 smart audio Enya ES3 smart audio Enya ES3 smart audio Enya ES3 smart audio
Drum Machine N Y Y N
Patch Storage 5 20 20 4
Onboard Looper N Y Y N
Acoustic Profiling N Y Y Y
Effect Chain N Y Y Y
Deeper Effects N Y Y Y
Looper  N Y Y Y
Wireless Handheld Mic. Y Y Optional Optional
Wireless Headset Mic. N Optional Optional Optional
Wireless Pedal N Y Y N
Charging Stand Standard (Optional) Fast charging (Included) Fast charging (Optional) Fast charging (Optional)
  • Buying Option: Deluxe - Black
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