Enya Music Launches the NEXG 2 Carbon Fibre Smart Guitar

Author: Tom Graham  

Posted: 6 November 2023

Synopsis: Discover the next generation of guitar playing with the NEXG 2. This innovative instrument seamlessly blends the timeless charm of an acoustic guitar with cutting-edge audio technology. It's not just a guitar - it's a loop station and so much more.

Enya Music, the renowned manufacturer of high-quality carbon fibre instruments, has officially launched its latest creation - the NEXG 2 carbon fibre smart guitar. Crafted from high-quality carbon fibre, the NEXG offers a unique combination of durability, playability, and sound quality. This innovative instrument is set to revolutionize the way musicians play and perform, making it a must-have for any aspiring musician in the modern age.

The predecessor to the NEXG 2, the NEXG 1 which launched in early 2022, paved the way for smart guitars with its ground-breaking features. However, with NEXG 2, Enya has taken it to another level with additional features and improvements.

The NEXG Concept

What makes the NEXG guitar different?

The NEXG guitar is designed to play like an acoustic guitar with steel strings but has onboard circuitry and an in-built speaker for amplification. Allowing you to play with different effects and sound profiles with amplification without connecting to any other device. The signal is captured through the pickups, then processed with Enya's patented microchip processor and amplified via the speaker with super low latency. You can also connect to an external amplifier or use headphones if you wish, though the 50W/80W speaker has plenty of power for busking, jamming at home and even rehearsal. The NEXG is also ideal for playing at lower volumes, giving you clear sound but helping to not annoy or awaken others in your household. Includes a wireless microphone and you can even use it as a Bluetooth speaker with the 'vocal remover' karaoke feature and play/sing along to your favourite tunes from the guitar itself.

What is the Enya App?

While most settings are available from the NEXG itself, such as selecting the different saved presets, changing patches, controlling the drum machine and looper - settings such as EQ and effects are only controlled via the Enya App which connects to the guitar via Bluetooth. Here is where you can control the sound of each saved profile, including the effects, EQ and compression. Also use the 10-band EQ on your vocals and the Bluetooth playback music to get the perfect mix.

New & Improved Features of the NEXG 2

Wireless Looper

The most exciting new feature is the addition of looping functionality and the inclusion of a wireless pedal. The pedal connects wirelessly via Bluetooth and allows control of the looper and the drum machine which also has a range of updated features and a stack of new sounds. The integrated looper, a first for guitars, allows musicians to easily record and playback loops created from the guitar or microphone. This feature enables artists to layer their music in real-time, enhancing their creativity and performance. Easily create, layer, and manipulate loops while the built-in drum beats and metronome keep you in rhythm. With the count-in feature and auto-correction, precise looping has never been simpler.


Control of sound profiles and settings is now done via a touchscreen. Easily jump in and out of tuning mode and control the drum machine. Combined with the push button volume knob and additional switches the NEXG2 is even easier to steer.

80W Speaker

Enya has put their R&D team to work and produced a new excellent-sounding speaker system with 80W of power, improving on the previous 50W. The new body and speaker design allows more sound to escape the rear of the guitar body giving an even more realistic acoustic sound and feel. The extra power also means buskers and band members can often get away without the need for an amplifier.

Wireless Microphone

An improved version of the wireless handheld microphone is included as standard. It pairs seamlessly with the module within the guitar and is amplified by the speaker. With the launch of the NEXG 2 Enya has released a wireless headset microphone as an optional item. The headset is ideal for jamming and performing without the need for a microphone stand. Within the app, you can use the 10-band EQ and reverb effect to tailor your vocal tone.

Vocal Remover

The NEXG 2 also includes an option that works to remove vocals from songs being played through the Bluetooth speaker. Done similarly to karaoke systems where midrange frequencies are dropped in a way that dramatically reduces the volume of vocals. However, the key sound of an acoustic guitar is also often reduced, which makes this feature perfect for learning and practising new songs while you play and sing over the top of the track. Or even just invite your friends over for a bit of karaoke fun.

Wireless Charger

Previously optional, the wireless charger stand is now included as standard with each NEXG. It not only looks great and ideal stand for the NEXG, but it ensures the battery is always charged and ready for use. The new model also has fast-charging technology for even quicker charging.

AI Sound Profiling

The most notable addition to the Enya App is the new AI sound profiling option. Designed so you record the sound of any acoustic guitar via a smartphone and the NEXG2's profiling algorithm will attempt to replicate that sound. Through extensive trials and errors, Enya believes they have made a studio-grade profiling algorithm in NEXG 2. Through our testing here at SWAMP we tend to agree. The original Dreadnaught, Grand Auditorium and Jumbo profiles included as default are excellent representations of each guitar type. The AI profiling allowed us to capture the individual character of particular brands of acoustic guitars and be able to hear those suitable characteristics replicated in the created profiles. Each AI profile will only use the reverb effect when being created. You can then add other effects and EQ to further tweak the sound.


Enya App - Control Centre of the NEXG 2

To coincide with the release of the NEXG 2 Enya has added a bunch of new features, sound profiles and effects to their App. Enya has a large team that is constantly working on upgrades and new features, so expect many free upgrades as time goes by. The most notable feature added was the AI sound profiling described above, though let's recap some of the main features of the app.

Do you need the App?

You don't need the app to play the NEXG 2 and you can change Presets and Patches via the touchscreen and adjust mixer volumes. The settings of the looper and drum machine can also be controlled via the guitar. What you cannot do is adjust EQ settings for guitar, vocal and playback music and adjust the effects on each patch.

Can you create and save your sound profile?

Yes, you can take a default patch and then make adjustments to the EQ or add/adjust the effects used and save it. As mentioned there is also now the option to use the AI profiling so the patch is based on something unique.

What are Sound Profiles, Presets and Patches?

Sound Profiles: Enya has developed 20x sound profiles that are included as default. These form the basis of the sound and include profiles that replicate different acoustic guitar body types to others such as Rock, R&B, Country and even a Bass profile that allows for even more versatility and creativity. The number of available sound profiles will likely be added to by Enya overtime and may include those made by the general public also.

Presets (Banks): There are 4 presets that you can change between at any time either using the touchscreen, app or the wireless pedal. These are named Acoustic, Rock, Fusion, Lab. The idea is that you set up your 4 presets for any given performance and can use the wireless pedal to switch seamlessly during songs.

Patches: The patch is a combination of the sound profile plus EQ and effects added. Each preset holds up to 5 different patches ready for selection via the guitar or app (patches cannot be changed via the pedal, only the presets). During a set, you can easily use the touchscreen or app to change to a different patch for the next song.

In summary, you have 20x Patches that you can modify and save as you like and then save them into 1 of the 4 Presets. Each Preset having 5 Patches and you select one to be used as the sound for the Preset. Finally toggle between the 4 Presets easily using the wireless pedal, on the guitar or app. At any time you can reload one of the 20 orignal Patches developed by Enya.

What effects are included?

6 different effects can be applied and modified for each patch including compression, distortion, octave, modulation/filter, delay and reverb. These effects are specifically designed for the NEXG and to enhance the sound of an acoustic guitar. The signal routing is set up as shown below, with the Direct control being the original mix from the sound profile itself and the first 4 effects. Delay and reverb then get mixed back in with the Direct signal. An effects setup that is perfectly suited to enabling huge diversity in acoustic sounds.




NEXG 2 launches at the Music China Show 2023

Enya Music's recent Shanghai Music Show display got a lot of attention.

Awesome demos on the carbon fibre X4, NOVA GO and NEXG 2 by a range of international musicians.

The Music China Show 2023 in Shanghai was the official launch of the NEXG 2 Carbon Fibre Smart Guitar. Displayed in the special launch hall next to some good company with Gibson's featured electric guitar.

Enya's booth received a lot of attention and there were awesome demos on the carbon fibre X4, NOVA GO and NEXG 2 by a few different local and international musicians.

Also on display at Enya's booth were some new models displayed for the first time including a classical / nylon string version of the NEXG. A basic version of the NEXG that just includes the guitar/app itself and does have the touchscreen, microphone or earphones resulting in a cheaper price. Also an exciting new release for those who play electric guitar with the addition of the NOVA GO Sonic to Enya's range. More to come on the Sonic shortly.


Version Comparison

Review the differences between the NEXG 1 and 2 versions. Update kits are now available for NEXG 1 customers that wish to upgrade. Learn about the upgrade options here.




Speaker 50W (max) 80W (max)
Display Non-touch B&W screen Colorful touch screen
Weight 6.8 lbs. 6.4 lbs.
Strings D'Addario® EXP16 D'Addario® YP-XS
Battery 43.68Wh / 2600 MAh 43.68Wh / 2600 MAh
Colours Black, White, Dark blue, Pink Black, White, Light blue, Purple
System Enya ES2 smart audio Enya ES3 smart audio
Drum Machine N Y
Patches Storage 5 20
Onboard Looper N Y
Acoustic Profiling N Y
Effect Chain N Y
Deeper Effects N Y
Looper  N Y
Wireless Headset Mic. N Optional
Wireless Pedal N Y
Charging Stand Standard Fast charging


NEXG 2 Launch & Demonstration Videos

Here we have compiled a youtube playlist with the official launch video from Enya and the best demonstration videos done by others.

Learn more in the NEXG 2 manual

The NEXG 2 has an extensive manual that details all of the features and specifications so check it out if you have any lingering queries. View the NEXG manual here.

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