Speakers - Amps

Our range of PA speakers, amplifiers has expanded and to include a wide variety of speaker types and packages to suit most PA applications. We put each of our SWAMP models through a careful selection and testing procedure to ensure we deliver the best possible sound at a given price point.

Powered Speakers
Active or powered speakers have in-built power amps which plug directly into a power source and are the preferred option for those want ease of use and transport. We stock a range of versatile 2-way FOH speakers and foldback monitors.

Passive Speakers
Driven by an external power amplifier, passive speakers are those that only have speaker terminals or speakon / jack inputs. Passive speakers take the audio signal and power to drive the speaker from the speaker cable that is connected to an power amplifier.

Power Amplifiers
Often rack mounted and sitting side of stage, powering passive speaker stacks and stage monitors. With their huge transformers and often higher quality transistors, external power amps do still have their advantages over powered speakers.

Studio Monitors
Speakers designed to be used when mixing or mastering recorded audio. Producers and mix engineers look for monitors that match their mixing space to deliver a clean, clear sound with a flat frequency response. Studio monitors have also become popular with the home theatre audiophile.