Vocal Effects

Whether you're new to the art of singing or a trained master of vocal performance, you will be able to expand on your creative talents tenfold with vocal effects. All the best performers in modern music use a wide range of effects to augment their natural voice to produce tones and sounds that truly inspire.

In olden days effects were the realm of studio producers sitting behind massive analogue mixing desks, surrounded by reels upon reels of tape and audio gizmos and gadgets. Modern technology has changed all that, putting vocal effects in the hands of the singer and making it as easy as the push of a button.

Vocal effects can be used to do so much more than what a single voice would ordinarily be able to. Classic effects used in modern music include reverb, echo, tape delay, pitch shifting and harmonizing, gating, distortion/megaphone effect, and more. There's nothing more enjoyable than sitting down with a good vocal effects pedal and experimenting to your hearts content. Creative possibilities are blown wide open with vocal effects.