Guitar Pickups - Acoustic

About Acoustic Guitar Pickups

Enhance your acoustic guitar's sound using our range of pickups, crafted for clarity, richness, and versatility. Our magnetic pickups, placed in the soundhole, enhance your music with warm, detailed tones that are pedal-compatible and reminiscent of electric guitars. For precision, our piezo pickups, which can be installed under the bridge or on the headstock, capture string vibrations and convert them into a clear signal for amplifiers or PA systems. Immerse yourself in the true acoustic essence with our internal microphones, capturing your guitar's natural sound to deliver a studio-like quality. These pickups are ideal for blending with piezos, providing a wide frequency range for a complete audio experience. At the heart of our pickups' performance are the strings themselves, resonating with the soul of your music, preserved and amplified with integrity. Whether for practice or performance, our pickups guarantee to enhance the authentic tones of your acoustic guitar. Explore our range and discover the perfect pickup to elevate your instrument's potential.

Types of Acoustic Guitar Pickups

Guitar pickups are essential components that significantly influence the tone and output of both acoustic and electric guitars. The three primary types of pickups are magnetic, piezo, and microphone pickups, each offering unique sound characteristics.

Magnetic Pickups: Discover the warm, detailed tones of our magnetic pickups, elegantly designed to sit in the sound hole of your guitar. These pickups track the magnetic field of your strings, transforming your acoustic instrument into a marvel of amplified sound. Perfect for musicians who love to experiment with pedals, these pickups offer a versatile palette that echoes the dynamism of an electric guitar, without sacrificing the soul of acoustic.

Piezo Pickups: For those seeking precision and articulation, our piezo pickups stand unmatched. Installed discreetly under the bridge or on the headstock of any stringed instrument, from guitars to violins and cellos, they expertly capture the vibrations of your performance. Converting these vibrations into a pristine signal, they ensure every note resonates with clarity through any amplifier or PA system, suitable for any setting.

Internal Microphones: Immerse yourself in the authentic, natural acoustic sound with our internal microphones. Designed to capture the essence of your guitar's true voice as if surrounded by the finest studio acoustics, these pickups offer a purity of sound that pairs beautifully with piezo pickups. Together, they create a symphony of frequencies, ensuring a rich, full-bodied audio experience that honours every nuance of your musical expression.

Understanding the differences between these pickups can help musicians select the best option to match their desired sound and playing style.