Guitar Stands, Racks & Wall Hangers

About Guitar Stands

Explore our comprehensive range of guitar stands available on our online store, designed to fit every kind of guitar—be it acoustic, electric, or bass. Our curated selection presents an array of styles to cater to all guitarists, from beginners to skilled professionals.

A-Frame Guitar Stands: Browse our collection of widely sought-after collapsible A-frame stands, lauded for their simplicity and effectiveness. These stands deliver sturdy backing for the body of your guitar, ensuring its safety and security. We provide dedicated variants that serve the distinct needs of electric and acoustic guitars, promising an impeccable fit for your instrument.

Tripod Guitar Stands: Discover our tripod base stands, furnished with triple legs for optimal stability. These stands come with neck and headstock support, creating a dependable spot for your guitar to rest against. Ideal for those who favour a stand that merges stability with ease of access, our tripod stands are excellent for single guitar setups and are the most popular type of electric guitar stand.

Multi Guitar Stands: For guitar aficionados or professionals boasting a collection, our 3, 5, and 10 space guitar racks present an ideal arrangement. These racks ensure plenty of room for multiple guitars to be conveniently stored, making them ideal for home studios or stage-sharing at concerts. Keep your guitars orderly and ready for instant performance. Our 3-space multi guitar stand rack is our best selling guitar stand.

Wall Hanger Stands: Optimize your area with our wall hanger stands, a top pick for guitarists with constrained floor space. In addition to displaying your guitar as an artwork, these stands are a practical solution to keep your instruments beyond the reach of pets and children. Our wall hangers are designed for durability and strength, capable of holding even the heaviest solid-body electrics, like Les Pauls, when properly mounted onto robust wooden frames or brick.

When choosing the perfect guitar stand, consider your guitar type, available space, and personal taste. Whether you possess a larger acoustic guitar requiring more space, or an electric guitar with a distinct shape, we have the stand to suit. Our range includes pieces from reputable brands such as Konig and Meyer, OnStage, Guitto and our exceptional value SWAMP branded options, available directly from the manufacturer.

Enhance your guitar setup with our adaptable, reliable, and visually appealing guitar stands. Start shopping now and secure the best resting place for your prized instrument, ensuring it's always at hand when creativity hits.