But of course the rock god himself, Jimi Hendrix did not play an acoustic guitar. He yielded the now famous fender style electric guitar, and not only that it he stringed and played it upside down because he was left-handed. So if it's the driving distortion or melting wah effects that you want, grab an electric. We all know what comes next, the guitar amp. Don't buy an electric and then sit about playing to the ants for heavens sake! An amp with a nice clean channel is about all you really need. The crazy sounds are made by a very irresistibly collectable object, the guitar effect pedal.

These babies transform that rather dull and boring sound of the clean electric guitar and turns into......well anything you want. Obviously you'll need some overdrive with a wah wah effect thrown in, followed up with a phasers and flangers, delays and reverb. Mix them all together if you dare. The combination's and possible sounds are literally endless.

Before you have wasted all your money on filling up your three pedals boards, make sure you have some of the basic guitar accessories. A guitar strap for one, no one plays a live gig sitting down with an electric guitar. Picks are a must for most and you aren't going to hear much without some strings. A guitar lead will get you connected and a capo will keep you from despair when all inspiration has been sucked. A gig bag or case is a must to protect the beast and a guitar stand keeps it positioned for practice at any spare moment. So are you ready to be a guitarist?