Cable Ties

Hook and loop cable ties are a reusable cable management solution for all types of audio cables. The hook and loop technology made famous by the Velcro® brand makes for simple and efficient use and the ties can last for years into the future.

Our range includes our SWAMP cable ties that feature a slit in the head that enables the tie to be attached to a single strand of cable, ideal for use in the pro audio field and musical industry. The tie will stay in place on the cable during use, and once the cable has been rolled back up, the tie is there and ready to loop back around rolled cable. Our SWAMP range features 12cm, 20cm and 30cm lengths suiting all mic cables, guitar leads and speaker cables up to 25m in length. Cable ties are great way to keep your cables organised, untangled during storage and transport, and they also help to maintain proper structure of the copper conductors increasing the life and noise rejection of your cables.