DIY Guitar Kits

Would you love to build your own custom guitar, and that feeling of accomplishing building an instrument that you can personalise in any way? Worries that you might not have the know-how, or tools and time to do it from scratch? Here at SWAMP Industries, we offer high quality Guitar and Bass Kits, with all the quality parts required to build an instrument yourself. Each kit includes all parts and components that you will need to build a complete quality instrument. The kits include pre-drilled bodies, necks, all hardware, electronic components etc. Everything needed to allow you to customise your masterpiece and build your dream instrument is included except the finish.

These SWAMP Industries DIY kits are manufactured from carefully selected seasoned timbers, each piece being hand picked and precision machined by CNC and skilled manual craftsman. Each manufacturing process is completed to a higher standard than some off-the-shelf shop bought guitar.

The only thing you require are some basic tools and your desire to make the instrument personalised for your vision! What a great way to know more about the instruments you love playing!