Guitar Leads

Guitar leads are the cables used to connect an electric guitar to a guitar amplifier and also between guitar effect pedals. A guitar lead is equipped with a 1/4" (6.35mm) jack connector at either end of the cable.

The construction of a guitar cable includes a single conductor, making it a mono cable. A braided or spiral shield wraps the conductor to provide grounding and protection from interference. A outer PVC jacket, typically black, encloses the cable.

Pro-Line Series
Swamp's pro-line guitar lead series a 'braided' ground shield and premium Neutrik AG connectors. The braided shield provides optimal rejection from RFI and EMI interference but somewhat limits flexibility in the cable. Ideal for studio and broadcast applications.

Stage - Swamp Series
Stage and Swamp series guitar cables feature spiral wrapped ground shields and a tough outer jacket, offering flexibility and durability under heavy use. Suitable for live stage performance and general audio device connections in the studio or in the field.