Guitar Leads

Australia's largest range of 1/4" jack guitar cables, with pro level options from Mogami, Ernie Ball and our own SWAMP headline series built with Neutrik connectors and Canare cable. While our Stage Series line offers the best value in terms of performance/cost, using Ningbo Neutrik connectors and our low noise, SGC-103 braided shield cable that has a standard capacitance of 90pF.

Made to connect an electric guitar and guitar amplifier, also to patch between guitar effect pedals. All guitar cables are terminated with a 1/4" (6.35mm) jack connectors at either end of the cable.

Also known as instrument cables, the same cable / lead can be used to connect other instruments such as keyboards, stomp-boxes and electric violins. The construction of a instrument cable includes a single conductor, making it a mono cable. A braided or spiral shield wraps the conductor to provide grounding and protection from interference while an outer PVC jacket, typically black, encloses the cable.

Stage Series
Stage series guitar cables are constructed with an PE insulated OFC conductor, wrapped in a braided ground shield and a tough outer jacket, offering flexibility and durability under heavy use. Equipped with industry standard connectors from Neutrik. Designed for live stage performance and everyday instrument connections.

Pro-Line Series
SWAMP's pro-line series features premium European made Neutrik AG connectors. A tight braided shield provides optimal rejection from RFI and EMI interference and reduces any handling noise. Ideal for touring, studio and broadcast applications.

Head-Line Series
Built using top of the line cable and interconnects from Canare and Neutrik. For professional venues and recording studios requiring cables of uncompromising quality. Includes silent plug right-angle leads for the touring guitarist.

Branded Lines
Find the full range of Ernie Ball leads and patch cables, offering high quality and a range of colours and styles. While the addition of Mogami cables to our range offers a high-end solution for the most demanding applications and studio recordings.