Passive Speakers

SWAMP 10" 2-way 150W RMS - Passive PA Speaker

SWAMP 10" 2-way 150W RMS - Passive PA Speaker

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Designed using the original loudspeaker schematics, passive speakers have no in built amplifier, and require an external amplifier to drive them. Passive speakers are the choice of most professional PA system suppliers as the wooden boxes and metal grills provide a sturdy, transportable and tough yet often sleek exterior.

Passive speakers are available in wide range of box types, with speakers loaded with anything from 10" up to a 21" driver, and with 1" to 3" horns. The different speaker boxes designed as Subs, Mid's and Highs are known to have more "headroom" than powered speakers as they require an external amplifier which permits cleaner signal and voltage, and doesn't compromise the required speaker excursion in the speaker cabinet.