All the studio gear you need to get ready to record your EP at home. Studio mics and reflection filters (aka home vocal booth), DAW software for recording, studio monitors for mixing and mastering and acoustic treatment to get your room sounding great. With the live music scene taking a hit with the recent social distancing measures, staying and positive and putting your musical energy into recording is probably the most productive thing you can do, take advantage of the time to try something new, and get ready to wow your audiences when the inevitable comeback of the live music occurs. It's going to be a help of time to party and enjoy music when it does!

The equipment involved with audio recording has come a long way in 20 years. It is now possible for a budding musician or producer to setup a home studio capable of making and capturing music to a higher level than many of the famous recording studios of days gone. We stock a range that covers the acoustics and furniture to interfaces and monitors. Build a musical space to inspire creation and to record, mix and master those final masterpieces.