Stage Box

Audio multicore cables consist of multiple channels of individually shielded microphone cable, often terminated with a stage box at one end for use in the pro audio field and referred to as a multicore.

When to use a Multicore?
A multicore is typically used to connect performers on stage to a mixing desk the side of stage for monitor mixing, or front of stage for FOH mixing. Microphones and DI boxes are plugged into the stage box and taken through the multicore cable to the fan end connectors. Returns channels enable signals to be taken from mixer back to performers on stage, useful for returning the main and aux channels back to the stage for connection with foldback monitors and main speakers.

Multicore Cables for Recording Studios
A studio with an isolated control room will often use a multicore cable to transfer signals from the recording room and back to the control room mixer. Running the multicore cable through the wall or ceiling is typical and depending on studio design and budget, a stage box attached to a wall or inbuilt wall  mount plates will be used to simply studio room connections.

Why choose a Swamp Multicore?
Put simply we offer a quality product at an unbeatable price. Swamp's multicore stage box range is constructed with materials that are durable, professional and most importantly maintain signal integrity.

Huge range of lengths and channels!
Swamp stocks a variety of length and channel options. From a small 8 channel 6m stage box, useful for stage set-ups, up to the 36 send 8 return channel 50m reel mounted multicore designed for large outdoor venues. All Swamp multicore cables feature quality Yongsheng connectors on both the stage box and fan ends. Each channel within the multicore cable features both a foil and spiral wrapped copper shield.

Custom Multicore
Swamp can provide custom multicore units, built with the customers length and channel requirements. Lead time is roughly 12 weeks.