Drum Kits

Drum kits come in all shapes and sizes, and it is important to find the "right fit". The recommended size and shape will depend on the skill level and physical frame of the drummer, as well as the style of music that the kit is used for.

If you're just starting out with drums, avoid large kits. These have a big sound that requires a certain level of technique to rein in, as well as a certain appreciation for dynamics to use them properly (I know, you're a drummer, who needs dynamics?). As well as not giving you the right starting point to learn, a big kit will also strain relationships with your family, house-mates, neighbours, and pretty much anyone in the near vicinity.

Don't attempt to over-reach and strain your arm and back muscles. While your physio may be grateful for the work, your band members, after the initial amusement, will not be so pleased. A big kit won't fit a small child. Get a kit that fits. A kit with boom stand cymbals is often a good choice for those with less reach, as it allows you to position the cymbals closer than a straight stand would. We also have kids drum kits available, as well as a range of full size kits to cater for different preferences and different playing styles.

Jazz kits often have a smaller kick drum, a light snare and toms, and a ride with rivets or sizzlers. Generally a jazz kit is very minimal, with many jazz drummers electing to play with just a kick, snare, 1 tom, hats, and a ride. Jazz drumming is all about finesse and dynamics, and the kit reflects this.

A rock drummer, on the other hand, is about power and speed, and big fills that make you go "oooh". Big kick, deep snare, big crash, big hats, big everything! (compensating much?) Rock kit's can be anything from 5 piece to 7 or 8 piece, with the number of cymbals ranging from 2 to ...you name it.

Funk drumming is different again, sitting almost in between the two extremes. These drummers often use light toms and snare that "bounce" and "pop", while using big hats and cymbals that have a big dirty sound.