Snakes - Looms

Audio snakes consist of multiple channels of audio cable terminated with a connectors at either end. Swamp offers a range of 8 channel snake cables with a variety of connector options at either end. XLR snakes are common place for stage and studio set ups saving cable jungles forming. TRS, Jack and RCA looms are often used to connect rack processing equipment.

Balanced Audio Snake Cables

A balanced audio snake has individual channels consisting of twin (2) conductors. Twin conductor cable is also used in microphone and TRS cables, and is capable of carrying both a balanced or stereo audio signal. All Swamp XLR snakes are fully balanced, as are our XLR to TRS and dual TRS looms.

Insert Snake

An insert snake enables multiple simultaneous IN and OUT insert connections all in 1 tidy cable. The TRS is plugged into the insert jack (usually on a mixing desk) and the dual TS jacks are connected to the IN and OUT of the effect processor. A common use for the insert cable is to connect is a mixer to a rack of compressors and effects.