XLR Connector

XLR connectors are most often found on microphone cables, and are the most widely used connector to transfer balanced audio. Typically 3-pin and often referred to as a cannon plug. As well as being used for microphones and mic level signals, XLR connectors are used on most pro audio equipment for the transfer of balanced line level signals.

They are popular due to their secure locking mechanism and robust design. 3 pins allow for the transfer of two signals and a ground along the one cable. This is essential for balanced audio. Typically pins 2 & 3 carry the hot and cold signals, while pin 1 carries the grounding signal.

The SWAMP ranges includes the industry standard Liechtenstein made Neutrik connectors that over the very highest level of quality, ideal for studio and demanding applications. The Yongsheng range is manufactured the Ningbo Neutrik company in China and is part of the Neutrik family. The REAN brand is yet another cost effective range from Neutrik. The latest addition to the range is the waterproof Sun Rise SVP xlr connector rated with IP67, ideal for outdoor use.