Studio Furniture

Our popular WS-100 and WS-16PLUS models are back in stock after we were flooded with interest earlier in the year. The compact WS-16PLUS is ideal for smaller spaces while the WS-100 allows for a larger working area. Grab one while you can.

The recording studio, whether home, professional or mobile, is not a traditional workspace like an office or meeting room. Studios contain an array of unique, fragile and expensive pieces of audio equipment, including microphones, mixing consoles, audio processors and specialised PCs for running recording software. This means that a studio needs to be furnished to accomodate these needs - seamless workflow is paramount to keeping engineers and musicians happy and getting great takes! 

Our studio furniture selection features desks, workstations and racks designed to house 19" rack equipment and provide ample work space for any configuation of monitor displays, studio monitors, control surfaces and MIDI keyboards