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More pedal boards have arrived including the NUX Bumblebee with a raised level back rung of the board, ideal for easy reach to pedals on the back row, ensuring you don't accidentally knock the knobs of the pedals along the bottom. Also a battery powered pedal board from Outlaw Nomad, ideal for professional buskers. Rockboard are also discontinuing the ABS cases due to supply issues and we have some of the last stock available in Australia.

MOEN Mini Pedal Hard Case

MOEN Mini Pedal Hard Case

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Adding a pedal board to your setup will improve the functionality and make it easier to utilize your pedals. Some pedal board will also allow you to mount your power supply or even have one built in, minimizing the amount of clutter created on stage from all of your cables and patch leads.

Secondly, a pedalboard can help you to create a more consistent sound. By arranging your pedals in a specific order, you can achieve a particular tone and colour your sound in the way you like. A pedalboard also allows you to connect your pedals in a way that reduces noise and interference.

Another benefit of using a pedalboard is that it can save you time and hassle. Setting up your pedals individually before each performance can be a hassle, and a pedalboard streamlines the process by keeping everything in one place. You can also add or remove pedals from your rig quickly and easily.

When selecting a pedalboard, there are a few factors to consider. First, you'll want to choose a size that accommodates your pedals and allows for any future expansion. You'll also want to consider the weight and durability of the board, especially if you plan to take it on the road. And of course, you'll want to choose a style and design that fits your personal taste.

Our range includes pedal bridges in a huge range of sizes from the small pedal board for a neat 5 pedal setup, to a huge 80cm wide metal frame bridge ideal for large custom pedalboards and touring guitarists. Most bridges have matching soft cases for transport and protection. The MOEN MO-PB bridge also has matching hard cases. Our pedal board packages provide great value with some including a pedalboard power supply.