JOYO JP-05 Power Supply - Rechargeable Battery Powered


JOYO JP-05 Power Supply 5 - Rechargeable Battery Powered

Guitar Pedal Power Station / Powerbank with USB

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The next step in innovation for musicians by JOYO. Featuring a variety of 9VDC outputs, USB device charging port, switchable 9, 12 and 18V DC power output, as well as a built in fast-charge rechargeable lithium battery.


JOYO JP-05 Power Supply 5 - Guitar Effects Pedal Power Supply with USB Charge Port and Rechargeable Battery
The JOYO JP-05 Power Supply 5 is the next step in innovation for musicians by JOYO. Featuring 8 DC outputs with up to 500mA of available output current, as well as a USB device charging port, switchable 9, 12 and 18V DC power output, as well as a built in fast-charge rechargeable lithium battery pack, the JP-05 is the perfect fully portable multi pedal power supply for any gigging musician!

Each output features independent filters, output overload & short-circuit protection, which protecting your pedals and filters out any unwanted noise.

Portable and Practical
The Power Supply 5 is packed with additions to suit any pedalboard setup! The 7.4v/4400 mAh rechargeable lithium battery is able to be fully charged within 2.5 hours, and is still able to be used directly connected to mains power. 8 brightly lit blue LED lights glow above each output, and are able to switched off manually when in battery mode, to conserve power. A top facing LED battery indicator light is well displayed and always easy to see, removing the risk of losing your power on stage. The JP-05 provides 3x 9V DC outputs with 500mA of current, as well as an additional 4x 100mA connections, and switchable 9V, 12V or 18V 100mA output.

Why Power Stations are Important
Powering 4 or 5 pedals with a daisy chain is fine if they are relatively low 'current' consumption pedals, but if you're powering more than this off a single 9V AC/DC adapter you can overdraw the power supply and create electrical issues within the pedals. This can often result in unwanted buzz or noise in your audio signal. The JP-05 power brick can be used to daisy chain up to 15 standard 100mA pedals with no risk of noise or current overload. 

Item Includes:

  • JOYO JP-05 "Power Supply 5"
  • 8x DC patch cable with right angle plug - 50cm (5.5mm x 2.1mm)
  • 1x polarity converter cable
  • 9V 2000mA power adapter


  • Compact design suitable for many pedal boards
  • Standard 9V outputs suit nearly all common effects pedals
  • Isolated low noise outputs
  • Bright blue LED channel lights with on/off control
  • Top facing battery level indicator
  • Short circuit and current protection
  • 5V USB device charging port
  • Stylish orange on black finish
  • Fast 2.5 hour charge time
  • Fully portable


  • Model: JP-05
  • Battery Capacity: 4400 mAh
  • Isolated Centre Negative DC9V Outputs: 
    • 4x 100mA
    • 3x 500mA
  • 1x 100mA Switchable 9/12/18V Output
  • Dimensions: 146 x 65 x 35mm
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Perfect for my beginner board.

By: Stephen Bish on 12 January 2024
Bough this with a board as a starter unit. Great to not have to plug it in and would be quite useable for a busking rig. Battery lasts so long I forgot to recharge it and was quite surprised when it shut down days later. I'd forgotten it was battery powered the battery lasted so long. Live and learn. One less extension chord across the practice room floor.

JOYO JP-05 Power Supply 5 - Rechargeable Battery P

By: Luis Eguren on 2 October 2023
Very good power unit. It is very easy to use. The size is small enough to allow space for my other pedals and the blue led lights that come out of it make my pedal board look pretty cool when using this. Just tried it yesterday for the first time at band rehearsal. I reheased for about 3 hours (with a couple of pauses) and the power unit worked well without having to plug it into the electricity.

Great Value

By: jon shore on 19 September 2022
Bought this as well as a Pedal Train 'Volto' ,(cost me well over twice as much as the Joyo).Used both on my pedal board for busking for the past couple of years...there's some pretty thirsty pedals on board...I get about 4-5hrs use playing solidly before power loss...charged many many times...i'm thinking buying another as a product so far. 5 STARS

Really great product

By: Peter on 22 May 2022
This little power supply is just so handy and versatile. I have used it for about 8 months now, it lives on the pedal board and is so convenient at gigs, just plug the board in to the PA, no 240v power needed for my board, as the Joyo takes care of it. The ability to switch off the LED's is great, both for power saving and reducing glare, they are pretty bright. The ability to charge it whilst playing is great too, as it stays plugged in at home. The switch is nice, the case is solid, the sockets are good, its compact and theres a range of voltages available. The battery charge indicator light is so handy too. With this Joyo, combined with my Boss wireless WL50, I have heaps of freedom from cables!

Does what it says on the tin

By: Dave Twissell on 9 April 2019
Outstanding item. Allows me to move my pedal board !!!! No mains leads. Swift delivery, straight forward transaction, no issues or dramas. Swamp setting the standard.

Solid Power on a Budget

By: T.A.P.O.R. on 7 April 2019
I've had this for a few weeks now. The unit is solidly constructed and has more than enough to run my board which consists of 2x Strymons, Plasma pedal, Plus Pedal, Boss GT-001, VT Bass, 2x Sovtek pedals & a TC Electronic looper. I ran out of space on my board before I ran out of current. Battery power in this config last for about 4 hours, which I'm more than happy with. The supplied cables are of a decent length and feel well made. I'm not sure that it is 100% isolated as the GT-001 is prone to digital whine on some settings and this is alleviated by powering it separately (I don't think it was intended to be on a pedalboard anyway). I'm extremely happy for the money that I have spent. Would definitely buy another JOYO product.

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