SWAMP ISO-10 Isolated Power Supply for Guitar Effects


SWAMP ISO-10 Isolated Power Supply Station for Guitar Effects Pedals

8x 9V 300mA, 2x 9V/12V/18V 500mA, 1x 5V USB 1000mA

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A heavily featured power supply station, the ISO-10 might everything you'll ever need! Featuring isolated outputs and main ground, high output per channel and 5V USB charging. 8x 9V outputs and 2 optional 9V, 12V and 18V. Low profile form factor.


SWAMP ISO-10 Power Supply Station for Guitar Effects Pedals
A heavily featured power supply station, the ISO-10 might everything you'll ever need! Featuring fully isolated ground, high output per channel and USB charging. 8 x 9V outputs and 2 options 9V, 12V and 18V. Low profile form factor.

Tons of Features
The ISO-10 does provide an immense amount fo features for the price. Besides having a fully isolated ground to avoid noise and hum, and each output being isolated individually, it has a generous amount of 10 total outputs, of which 2 are switchable between 9V, 12V and 18V. Each output is an overload and short-circuit protection mechanism, with an LED power indicator turning off if any issues prevail. Its low form factor is ideal for tight spaces under a pedal board.

New Tech
This fantastic power supply features a combination of switch-mode and linear power supply. There are two multi-output EI transformers built in this unit providing incredible stability. The ISO-10 can be placed below or above the pedal board, without affecting any other pedals magnetically.

Why Power Stations are Important
Powering 4 or 5 pedals with a daisy chain is fine, if they are relatively low 'current' consumption pedals. But if you're powering more than this off a single 9V AC/DC adapter you can overdraw the power supply and create electrical issues within the pedals. This can often result in unwanted buzz or noise in your audio signal. Isolated outputs also help massively in maintaining a silent signal throughout your pedal chain.

Packing List:
1x ISO-10 power supply
1x 12v 2500mA power adapter
10x DC cables
1x reverse polarity cable
1x 9V battery converter (note, manual mentions "3.5mm converter" incorrectly)
1x owner manual


  • Power options:
    • Outlets : 1 to 7 output DC9V @ 300MA
    • Outlet : 8 output DC @ 500MA
    • Outlet : 9 and 10 output DC 9/12/18V @ 500MA adjustable by switch.
  • USB Output DC5V @ 1000MA ,can use for LED light, mobile phone, iPAD etc
  • Dimensions: 168mm(L) x 70mm(W) x 32mm(H)
  • Negative Centre Polarity on all outputs
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Very Satisfied

By: Anonymous on 10 May 2024
This power supply is really good. I had a problem reverb pedal that just made noise unless it had its own power supply. This fixed the problem once and for all. Best buy yet. It has definitely proved to me that this power supply does what it's supposed to do. I have three power bricks, and this is the only one that performs as well as it is supposed to or would hope it to. Great product Swamp. Perfect quality. And the solid build is a plus too. Love it. Thanks guys.

ISO-10 does what it says on the box

By: Anonymous on 27 January 2024
I had been using a daisy chain system with no problems. Then I took a break from playing for several months, due to injury to my left arm. When I fired up the system, I was horrified by the loud hum and mortified when I couldn't eliminate it. Enter the ISO-10. Ah, peace and quiet at last. It is also excellent to have 18V available - it has given my Tube Screamer a boost. As far as Swamp service goes, I ordered it on a Friday and it was delivered on the next Wednesday, using standard (free) delivery. Not too shabby!

Silence is golden

By: Phill on 28 August 2023
Until a month or so ago when I bought this beauty I had been playing with a noisy daisy chain power source for close on 20 years. In particular, my new Boss looper was almost unusable when a loop was saved and then paused. Not only is it now silent but there is an excellent variety of cables and arrangements now possible. This is a fantastic product.

Excellent value power supply

By: Ben P on 9 June 2023
Pretty awesome price. Overseas, it's known as a Mosky ISO-10 (I think Swamp Industries must rebrand it). Works very well so far - I haven't noticed any extra noise. I also like having the option of 18v for my OCD and ODR-1 (more headroom). It's not much more expensive to buy the ISO-10 than it is to buy a boss PSU and the rightly frowned upon daisy chain cable. At least with the ISO-10 you get a juicy enough power supply for multiple stomp boxes. Ordered Wed night, it arrived Friday morning (I paid $13 for express).

Perfect Power

By: John Lees on 8 June 2023
I purchased this power supply to replace a 12 volt adapter and daisy chain set up. Simple to set up with plenty of power and outlets. Works well for a modest outlay.

SWAMP ISO-10 Isolated Power Supply

By: Mark on 29 December 2022
Fantastic value for money. Love the variable isolated outputs. The ISO-10 solved a number of issues I was having with my pedals.

Impressive. Most impressive.

By: Chris on 6 October 2022
I purchased this in lieu of the constantly out of stock Fender L12 Engine room and for a quarter the price of that, the Iso-10 is pretty fricking genius. Great power options, although I would LOVE a version that integrates a battery like the Joyo JP-05 but maintain the high mA connectors (8 x 500's with a couple of 1000's would be perfection!)

Excellent power brick

By: Alan S. on 24 July 2022
I in fact have bought three of these Swamp ISO-10's so far — one for my guitar board, one for my bass board, and one for my spares bag as a standby/emergency. (Never needed it, but losing power at a gig is not pretty!). Reliable, noiseless, and more than adequate power for a range of pedals. Heartily recommended.

Excellent unit

By: Anonymous on 12 November 2021
I needed a power brick that would do more than the average "100mA-outlet" unit — I have a number of pedals that require closer to 200mA (e.g. Digitech Drop, Boss EQ-200), and I need power as well for an old-style 12V pedal that is positive tip rather than negative, and which I've previously had to run from its own power adapter. This ISO-10 from Swamp delivered on all those fronts — plenty of 300mA outlets, and a couple of switchable 9V/12V/18V outlets with even a polarity switch cable included to give me that positive tip. The unit is very solidly built, and seems noiseless, so, overall, it's an ideal solution if you have a fairly crowded pedalboard with a range of pedal-power requirements. Service and delivery from Swamp, as always, was excellent. Would buy again — in fact, right now, I'm thinking of another ISO-10 for my second pedalboard.

Surprising little package

By: Danielle on 18 September 2021
Don't let that price fool you, this unit competes with the dearer options. Genuinely surprised at how quiet this unit is because of the price. Happy i took the chance and got it. Nice little unit which left me money to buy more pedals!

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