SWAMP DC TANK Guitar Pedal Mini Power Station 9V


SWAMP DC TANK Guitar Effect Pedal Mini Power Station - 9V

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The SWAMP DC Tank Mini Power Supply provides six individual points from which to power your entire guitar effects pedals board using a single 240V power source.


SWAMP DC Tank Pedal Board Mini Power Supply
The SWAMP DC Tank Mini Power Supply provides six individual points from which to power your entire guitar effects pedals board using a single 240V power source. With five dedicated 9V / 100mA outlets and a single 9V / 500mA outlet, the DC Tank will cater for most types of pedals requiring a 9V power supply. The filter circuit outputs help minimise noise that can result from drawing a high current, meaning more pedals can be powered without the risk of excessive noise.

Why Power Stations are Important
Powering 4 or 5 pedals with a daisy chain is fine, if they are relatively low 'current' consumption pedals. But if you're powering more than this off a single 9V AC/DC adapter you can overdraw the power supply and create electrical issues within the pedals. This can often result in unwanted buzz or noise in your audio signal. Using the SWAMP DC Tank Mini Power supply will assist to substantially reduce any possibility of electrical hum or current overdraw, ensuring safe operation of your set up.


  • 6x Output Power Brick
  • 6x DC Power Cords (50cm)
  • 15V, 1000mA DC power adapter
  • 1 x DC input
  • LED Indicators


  • Dimensions: 93 x 38 x 30mm
  • Weight: 155grams
  • Maximum DC Current Output per Channel:
    • 1-5: 9V / 100mA
    • 6: 9V / 500mA
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Size does matter!

By: Anonymous on 20 June 2024
I bought this power brick primarily for one feature — size! I have two pedalboards — the main one I use for bass and electric guitar, and it has nine pedals and a large Fender Engine Room LVL8 power brick that’s about two-and-a-half times the length of this Swamp unit. My other pedalboard (acoustic-electric guitar use only) is very much smaller, with only four pedals, one of which needs around 200mA (the other three are each < 100mA). The DC Tank (with five 100mA and one 500mA output) is therefore ideal — powering all four pedals, with no noise issues, and its tiny size (and it really is VERY small!) allows it to fit onto a very cramped board. Like a previous reviewer, I’ve just ordered a second one. Recommended.

Pedal Power!!!

By: Woodsy on 7 April 2023
great little power supply… compact and quiet… the 500mah outlet is a bonus and allows me to power my Sansamp preamp/DI without the additional power supply I had been using just for this pedal… my only complaint, and it’s a minor one is the lack of an on/off switch… I found an inline switch with short leads at Jaycar which works well…. have ordered a 2nd power supply as a backup…

Great tech. Great value.

By: Kev Sullivan on 15 June 2021
Thanks Swamp for the great power unit. I'm a long time player, but first timer building a pedal board. The power unit is great! Compact and easy to set up and it works without a hitch. Happy to do business with you and I'll buy from you again.

great unit

By: Rhys Allen on 11 May 2021
Works as expected, very happy with the power station.

Small Power House

By: Pete on 17 April 2019
Where else can you get a 9v DC Tank for 6 pedals at this price....? Yeah, that's right no where..! Love this little thing. It's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but, powerful enough for 6 pedals more if you use a daisy chain too. I bought this along with the Joyo pedalboard (another bargain). My only concern is that with it being soo small it needs extra securing onto the underside of pedalboards as this seems to be about 1/3 the size of a regular power brick. This is in no way a critisism, just an observation. All in all a great product and a great price from the brilliant Swamp Industries.

Quiet and fits a variety of pedals

By: Anonymous on 2 August 2018
Bought this to upgrade from a daisy chain that was noisy and had stubby plugs too short to power my Jim Dunlop wah. The Tank is quiet and the accompanying DC plugs fit securely into the most deeply recessed DC plug receptors I have. Plus I can now have confidence that every pedal is operating to its fully juiced-up capacity, not starting to soften as my battery loses power. And the Tank is much smaller than I realised. I'm happy.

Works well

By: Nathan on 1 December 2016
I bought this because I was getting a lot of noise in my signal chain using a daisy chain. Getting this product eliminated the issue. I've very happy.
By: Clinton Lamplugh on 20 May 2016
This is a great product which works well and takes up minimal space on my pedal board.

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