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  • (Q) - How quickly will you ship my order?
    (A) - We ship orders daily, with orders placed before 11am being shipped the same day.
  • (Q) - When will I receive my order?
    (A) - Orders ship from either our Sydney or Canberra warehouse and delivery times depend on your location in relation to our warehouses and whether a standard or express service is selected. We recommend using Australia Post's delivery time estimate tool to estimate the delivery time.
  • (Q) - Can I track the whereabouts of my order?
    (A) - The vast majority of our parcels are shipped with a service that has online tracking available. An email/s will be sent with the tracking number/s and carrier links in the evening on the day of shipment. Please check spam for tracking emails if missing. Small items (i.e. cables less than 3m) may ship as a 'Letter' and will not have tracking.
  • (Q) - I have only received part of my order, where are the remaining items?
    (A) - Note that we have warehouses in both Canberra and Sydney. Your order may have been split with different items shipping from either warehouse. In this case, you should have received 2 different emails and tracking numbers. Please check spam for tracking emails if missing.
  • (Q) - Are SWAMP products covered by warranty?
    (A) - Yes, all products come with a minimum 1 year warranty. Certain products, such as those from Radial and MOTU, may come with an extended warranty from the manufacturer. We are also happy to assist customers to source parts or find solutions where possible if a product is outside of the warranty period.
  • (Q) - Can I return a product if I find that it's not suitable after delivery?
    (A) - Yes, we offer a 30 day return policy on all products, that covers 'change of mind' or if you find a product is not suitable for its intended purpose. Shipping costs are not-refundable for 'change of mind' returns and the buyer must arrange the return and ensure the product is returned in the condition it was received. Click here for full details are on our return policy.

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  • Cables, Connectors and Analog Audio Signal Types Explained
    Posted: 24 March 2014
    Synopsis: A guide to analog audio signal types and the different connectors and cables used to transfer them between devices. Written with an emphasis on real life situations, this is an ideal resource for musicians, beginner sound technicians and anyone involved 
    in the pro audio scene wishing to expand their knowledge of analog audio signals. Learn about the difference between a mic, line and guitar level signal and how it is possible to connect between any analog input or output providing you use the right connector, cable and signal converter.

  • Setup Guide for the Home Vocal Recording Packages
    Posted: 25 August 2013
    If you have just received your home recording package from SWAMP and are looking for some simple step by step instructions to the setup process, check out our latest guide. We run through everything from setting up the stand to mounting the vocal booth and mic.

  • Mic Level Signals Explained – Balanced, Low Impedance
    Posted: 22 August 2013
    Pro audio mics all output mic level signals, which are relatively weak and therefore susceptible to interference . For this reason mic signals are also 'balanced', with the result being that most interference picked up along the length of the cable is cancelled out.

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