Soundking DM20 Digital Mixing Desk - 16 In - 8 Out


Soundking DM20 Digital Mixing Desk - 16 Input - 8 Output

Touch Screen, Motorised Faders, Wireless iPad Control +

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20 CH digital mixer designed for live performance mixing in the modern age. 16 IN, 12 MIC / 4 LINE and 8 OUTS. Features touch screen, wireless iPad connectivity, motorised faders, scene saving, FX, EQ, Compression, Gate and GEQ.


Soundking DM20 Digital Mixing Console
The Soundking DM20 is a digital mixer designed for live performance mixing in the modern age. Touch screen control and wireless iPad connectivity give ease of control, while motorised faders and scene saving and selection allow for effortless show setup. Signal and effect processing is taken care of onboard the DM20, so there no need for external rack equipment or patching. The DM20 is an ideal mixing desk for bands that mix themselves or sound technicians mixing multiple bands.

12x Microphone Inputs and 8x Customisable XLR Outputs
The Soundking DM20 has 12 Mic Inputs with quality mic preamps, with 4 channels (9-12) being combo jacks allowing for mic or line signal connections. Channels 13 to 16 are stereo line level inputs for devices such as keyboards and electronic drums. The 8 XLR outputs on the back of the DM20 are fully customisable and can be routed to any internal signal bus. For example allowing for 2 main L/R outputs and 6 AUX (auxiliary) outputs. S/PDIF input/output and AES/EBU output allows for digital audio connections.

7" Touch Screen,  Large Master Control Knob, Motorised Faders
Featuring a 1200x600mm touchscreen for controlling all aspects of the mixing desk. Like any modern touchscreen, it is responsive to touch and easy to use. The large master control knob is perfect for fine-tuning dB settings and can be used in conjunction with the touchscreen with ease for quick and accurate mixing. The high quality ALPS motorised faders respond instantly to selection changes allowing the user to switch between channels 1-8, 9-16, 8-bus or 8-out at any time, while always landing at their precise location.

Input Channel Compressor, Parametric EQ, Gate
The dynamic stage of the DM20 features a Parametric EQ, Noise Gate and Compressor. The 4-band parametric EQ is on each input and bus channel allowing for perfect equalisation that can be saved and shared between channels. The noise gate and compressor are designed for live performance are fully featured to industry standard.

8 Effects Modules - 2 Reverb, 2 Modulation, 2 Delays, 2 GEQ
Effects processing is taken care of with 8 FX modules that any of the input signals or bus sends can be routed to for side chain processing. The 2x 15-Band Graphic EQ (GEQ) is perfect for processing the main L/R FOH output to suit the room / venue. While the reverb and modulation effect options are extensive and highly customisable to suit the needs of any musician.

10 Signal Busses - 4 Mono, 4 Stereo, L/R, Headphones
The 10 internal signal busses allow for routing any of the input signals into a bus for group signal processing the output. The BUS button activates the faders to control the volume of the bus sends. Each bus can be routed to any of the 8 outputs. 

Wireless Operation via iPad
Control the DM20 wirelessly using an iPad (not included) and the DM20 App. Use the included USB WIFI adapter or an external router. The DM20 iOS app is available here.

High Definition Digital Audio Processing with 4th Generation DSP
DM20 adopts a 4th generation SHARC floating point processor, which delivers unrivaled DSP signal processing quality compared to other similar digital consoles. This SHARC processor ensures quality, but also reliability and stability for mixing multiple I/O when loaded with effects and processing. Each channel has an individual processing mode i.e. there is no extra load on the DSP just because you are processing on multiple channels. This intelligent processing keeps the latency under 2ms (unnoticeable) at all times. 

Save Scenes for Future Recall
Similar to its CADAC digital mixer counterparts, the DM20 also is equipped with scene memory capability.  This allows all settings o the DM20 to be saved and recalled for future use. You can save scenes to a USB and transfer to a different DM20. Having this function saves hours of sound checking and gives you the ability to have consistent sound without the need of qualified sound engineer for every show.

DM20 created through cooperation between Soundking and CADAC
The DM20 is the result of many years of R&D by Soundking. They have combined their experience with audio signal processing and manufacturing, with the knowledge and proprietary technology from an partner and industry pioneer CADAC the produce the DM20. The result is digital console with all the features and high quality signal processing expected of the modern digital mixer, delivered at a price point that offers unrivaled value.


  • 16 channel - 12 mic inputs, 2 stereo inputs
  • 8 customisable XLR outputs
  • S/PDIF digital inputs/outputs and AES/EBU output
  • 16 bus and 4 mono output bus, 5 stereo output
  • 1 stereo monitor bus
  • 1 stereo track monitor output and 1 earphone output interface
  • 7" IPS 1024x600mm touch screen
  • 8 built in FX modules - 2 reverbs, 2 modulation, 2 delays, 2 15-band GEQ
  • IPS multi-function touch screen angle is fully adjustable to user’s preference
  • 9X100MM ALPS motorized faders
  • High quality Neutrik connectors
  • 2 USB interfaces support flash disk and recording, support WAV format output
  • Latency: < 2ms
  • Dimensions: 429mm x 335mm x 83mm

Check or Download Current Firmware Version APK:V1.5.4B

Interface Screenshots:

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Soundking DM 20

By: Yuriy Dragomirov on 19 May 2023
I support everything that has been said about the model. Unique model, great craftsmanship and work Rating 6.

Pleasant Surprise

By: Kevin on 4 August 2022
I purchased the DM20 a few months ago to replace my Behringer XR12 that I had been happy with. I have been very happy with the functionality and sound quality of the DM20. Pleased in every way.

Pleasant Surprise

By: Kevin on 28 July 2022
I purchased the DM20 a few months ago to replace my Behringer XR12 that I had been happy with. I have been very happy with the functionality and sound quality of the DM20. Pleased in every way.

Soundking DM 20

By: Peter R on 25 April 2019
Update: After owning mine now for over 12 months the DM20 has performed flawlessly every single weekend. I cannot recommend this desk enough and am so glad i switched to digital and the DM20...Swamp have been fantastic with sorting out any software issues etc and really support the product. (Thx Jonny) Just get one wont regret it

Soundking DM 20

By: Pete R on 12 April 2018
Soundking DM20 Digital Desk. where to start? In very brief terms it doesn't have any competition at Swaps current go price. Honestly that's just fact. I researched and looked for a desk like this for over 12 months and there isn't anything similar. Behringer X air maybe? Nope. no analogue control surface only tablet control via app and I know it’s rare but if you don’t have at least a 10 inch tablet it is an added cost. I have to mix on the fly so i needed a digital desk with analogue control surface (actual faders) as using an app you don’t have the feel and feedback that you do from an actual fader. The technical side? Developed in conjunction with CADAC (UK) 4th gen SHARC floating point processor. which basically means that all FX processing (8 FX modules inc 31 band EQ) is virtually instant and there is no overload of its processing. The technical side of things would actually be more the size of a thesis than a short review really. Sound quality? I honestly can’t fault it. it sounds great and ultimately that is its job. crisp, clean and the bonus of being digital is its firmware etc is. update-able. and it's quiet!.&nbsp; Awesome mic channels and stereo channels etc etc and with the amount of EQ no reason why it shouldn’t sound great. EQ wise 31 band main out and 4 band sweep-able per channel. Oh. one thing i noticed before purchase was that there were no balanced XLR main outs? , just a pair of 6.5 TRS monitor outs. But. out of the box, out 7 is main out “Left” and Out 8 is main out “Right” Ahuh. the flexibility of the digital world. And that is what this thing is about. flexibility. Going to a digital desk may be a bit daunting at first but after having my DM20 for a couple of days i can say that it’s one of those steps I’ll never regret. The biggest thing is the DM20s workflow, it just all makes sense after a while. laid out very well. There doesn’t seem to be anything that has been left out of the DM20 for a live band situation. abundance of individual monitor outs which even up to its analogue price point competition your lucky to get even 3, to the usb recorder and player. no more lugging around an mp3 player for break music etc just wack in a usb stick and there it is or. want to record the performance?. just hit record. It even has a clock and calendar on its screen! Scene/mix memory both internal and to usb, another main reason i wanted to go digital as now it’s a matter of scene/mix recall, line check and play on. obviously if you have played that room before but i have setup a general mix/EQ as a starting point on mine. it even has a white, sine and pink noise sound generator. Build quality? Sturdy/Solid. Smooth “100mm” faders that are motorised (unheard of at this price point). Very happy. I could go on and on about the DM20 but well. you probably wouldn’t read it all but is it worth the money? Hell yea. and then some! If you could call it a downside. there is no Android app version which is a bit strange as it actually runs a modified Android OS… I’ve even seen someone playing Angry Birds on its screen, and as the internet world goes, there is rumours of an Android version app coming out. so wait and see i guess. and it could have come with a few factory preset EQ's and FX settings but hey. Swamp, you can put the price back up now, I’ve got mine lol.

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