Launch of the SWAMP SDM16i Digital Mixer

Posted: 25 October 2019

Synopsis: The latest addition to our mixer range is our 16 Input SDM16i digital mixer, designed as a live mixing console for bands and it is also ideal for installation at venues.

SWAMP's Digital Mixer has Arrived!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our very own Digital Wi-Fi Mixer the SDM16i
Web Browser Control Software, with no app download, works on any device with up to 10 users.

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SWAMP SDM16i Digital Mixer

The latest addition to our mixer range is our 16 Input SDM16i digital mixer, designed as a live mixing console for bands and it is also ideal for installation at venues.

Featuring an in-built WiFi hotspot and ability to connect via ethernet to existing networks, the SDM16i can be controlled by any device through its HTML web-based control software. There is no app to download (therefore no app to crash), simply enter the URL address of the mixer in any web browser on any device and start mixing!

With a responsive 2 mode display that is suitable for all phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers, the SDM16i can be used with any mouse and keyboard or touch screen device.

The SDM16i is equipped with 16 combo inputs offering XLR connection to mic preamps, plus balanced TRS line inputs for channels 3-16 and Hi-Z inputs on channels 1-2. 4 AUX outputs, main left and right and headphone output allows connections to FOH and monitors and an internal SUB channel adds further functionality.

Every input and output channel has an individual 4-band Parametric EQ and Compressor/Noise Gate, while there are two separate effects (FX) channels each with delay, reverb and chorus effects that can be tweaked and saved.

Save scenes to record the entire setup including fader positions, and recall anytime in the future. The mixer also has the ability to save and name settings for EQ, compression/gate and FX.

Main Features:

  • Mix Wirelessly on any device!
  • 16 Combo XLR / 1/4" Inputs
  • 4 AUX Channel Outputs
  • 4-band Parametric on all In/Outs
  • Compression/Gate on all In/Outs
  • Internal SUB Bus
  • 2 Effects/FX Processors for on all In/Outs
  • HTML5 Web Browser Control Software - no App download
  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet Connection

View our Product Manual for a detailed overview of the mixer

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Views from Web-Based Control Software

Simply connect to the mixers in-built Wi-Fi hotspot, or external network connected via Ethernet - then enter the URL address of the mixer to load the software, no install or download. Intuitive software design for users of all levels.

Large Display Home Screen - Main Output Selected
This view shows the larger display size suited to desktops, tablets and iPads. Allowing a ‘split screen’ where the bottom half shows faders top half available for other features and channel control options. Ideal if fast access to faders is required.

Phone Display - Channel Group 1 to 8 Selected
Similar to the larger screen display option but without the ‘split screen’ ability and layout is better suited to smaller touch screen devices. Options are down the right-hand side and click on the channel name/number to enter edit mode.

Phone Display - 4-Band Parametric EQ
Use one of the factory preset settings, or modify each of the 4 parametric EQ points and HPF and LPF to your own desire. Once your done, you can save your ideal setting and recall for future use. To change the Q value, currently a touch screen must be used. Use 2 fingers and move inwards to outwards to adjust.

Phone Display - Compressor and Noise Gate + CH Selector on Side-Bar
Before we discuss the compressor and noise gate, note "CH" at top is red and selected, meaning Channel selector displays on the side-bar. Scroll down on it to view all channels. Use one of the factory preset settings, or modify the Noise Gate and Compression to suit your instrument or venue. Simple and effective noise gate controlled by a single fader. Signal blends in smoothly once volume exceeds the date dB. The compressor has threshold and ratio settings are changed by touching/clicking and dragging the 2 points on the display

Large Display - Compressor and Noise Gate
The large display has the same design, but with faders displayed on the bottom half, depending on your channel group selection along the top-bar. While the output displayed on the very right-hand side can be swapped by selecting from right side-bar.

2 Effects Channels - Reverb, Delay and Chorus
Add effects to any channel, and select to route to either the FX1 or FX2 bus. In the effects settings page shown above, you can select the type of effect - delay, reverb or chorus - for each FX bus and then tweak the parameters. You can then save the setting for later recall, or just use one of the pre-loaded settings.

View our Product Manual for an detailed overview of the mixer control software

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