Updating the Firmware for SWAMP SDM16i WiFi Digital Mixer

Posted: 10 December 2019

Synopsis: Easy to follow steps to update the firmware for the SWAMP SDM16i WiFi Digital Mixer

The SWAMP SDM16i WiFi Digital Mixer is proving to be an excellent resource for many performing musicians and centres of performance. Keeping the firmware updated ensures updated features, smooth operation, fast processing and an overall more robust and stable mixing environment.

To update the SDM16i software, click here to download the latest firmware and follow the steps below:

1. Format a USB disk to FAT or FAT32 file format.
2. Save the firmware update onto the root directory of the USB-disk. 
3. Turn on the mixer, connect it with a web browser, and open it to the main control page.
4. Plug in the USB-disk. A prompt window will appear, stating that new firmware has been found and if you would like to update the firmare
5. Click on "OK" to update the firmware.
6. The mixer will be upgraded automatically. The SDM16i will show "disconnect" on the screen, then, after few moments, it will show "connecting.." 
7. At this stage, turn off the SDM16i, and turn back on, connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, and the unit will be ready to go with updated firmware.

Check the system version, it should now state the most recent version: L_1_2_0_20191018

Please do not hesitate to contact a SWAMP team member if you require any further assistance with your SDM16i.


Firmwire History:

  • Version L_1_1_8_20190715 - Oct 2019
    - fixes issue related to Q control when using a mouse

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