SWAMP 3 Channel Mixer & USB Audio Interface


SWAMP 3 Channel Mixer Audio Interface - 1 Mic Preamp - USB Record / Playback

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Compact bus powered 3 channel mixer featuring 1 Mic/Line/Hi-Z combo input, 2 stereo 1/4 inch line input, monitor outs, headphone out, simultaneous USB playback and recording with USB playback level control (independent of record signal path).


SWAMP SM11 Mixer and USB Interface 
The SM11 might be small, but with 3 input channels, main outs, a headphone out and a USB audio interface, this mixer has everything you need to start mixing and recording. The XLR / TRS combination input is capable of accepting microphone level, Hi-Z instrument level (guitar) or even line level signals. The 2/3 mix channel with stereo 1/4" line input allows for connecting to keyboards or other line level instruments. On top of this, the AD/DA USB interface allows for simultaneous recording and playback without affecting the recorded signal, making this little mixer the perfect hub for a small computer-based recording setup.

Mobile or Desktop Recording
Whether starting out in the recording game or needing to record on the go, the SWAMP SM11 provides all the functionality of a 3 channel analog mixer as well as USB soundcard for PC, MAC or laptop. All this functionality is bundled into a tiny steel chassis, making the unit a highly convenient desktop or portable recording solution. The mixer is powered via its USB port so there is no need for additional power supply clutter when connected to a USB device. 

Monitor while you Record
The SM11 also includes a 1/4" / 6.35mm headphone output, which allows you to monitor (hear) yourself whilst recording. This in turn allows you to playback a pre-recorded track while you are recording another over the top. Adjust the playback/monitor ratio easily with the USB Playback control, and the output volume with the Phones or Monitor control, depending on how you're listening.This professional functionality comes at a fraction of the cost with the SM11.

Hi-Z Instrument Input
Channel 1 on the SM11 includes an impedance switch which effectively turns the channel into a high impedance Guitar DI, allowing guitars to be plugged straight into the mixer without the need for additional DI boxes. This means one less piece of equipment to transport and set up!   

Plug-and-play USB interface
The USB interface that's built into the SWAMP SM11 is fully compliant with USB 2.0 specification. It will work with the USB audio device drivers built into Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 and Apple OS9.1/OSX computers with native USB support. No special drivers are needed.


  • USB bus powered, no external power supply needed when used with a computer
  • Balanced XLR or unbalanced ¼-inch Instrument input with switchable impedance
  • Switchable low noise +48V phantom power
  • Balanced ¼-inch TRS inputs for stereo or mono line-level sources
  • ¼-inch TRS output jacks work with balanced or unbalanced lines
  • Stereo ¼-inch TRS headphone jack with independent level control for output monitoring
  • Independent controls for both inputs, main output, and headphone monitor
  • LED signal/clip indicator
  • Dedicated USB playback level control (monitor/main outs and phones only) 
  • USB 2.0 compliant
  • USB cable included


Input Channels XLR balanced / 1/4" unbalanced "Combo" jack (CH1 input)
1/4" balanced or unbalanced (CH2-CH3 inputs)
Output Channels

2x 1/4" TRS balanced or unbalanced (Main Mix/Monitor outputs)
1x 1/4" TRS balanced (Stereo Phones Output)

Bus 1x Stereo (Main/Monitor Output)
Input Channel Function

GAIN -14~+40 dB;
+48V Phantom Power Switch LED
PEAK LED turns on when the signal reaches +6dBu level
IMPEDANCE Switch (Mic/Hi-Z Instrument)


USB Audio

Stereo Input / Stereo Output
USB Audio Class 2.0 compliant
Type B connector
Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME, 98SE
Mac OS 10.12 / OS X computers with native USB support

A/D-D/A Sampling Frequency: Max 48 kHz, Bit Depth: 16-bit
Level Meter 2 point LED meter (CLIP @ +6dBu, SIG@-6dBu)
Phantom Power Switch selectable, +48V DC
Chassis Type All steel black finish
Power Requirements 5.0V DC @ <500 mA (external) or USB bus powered 
Power Consumption Max 2.5 W
Dimensions 41mm x 101mm x 121mm (1.6" x 4.0" x 4.75")
Weight 0.42Kg  
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Great USB Interface

By: Anonymous on 22 August 2023
This device is a great interface that has excellent sound quality. It allows me to connect a Hi-Z guitar signal to my PC and record. I use It happily with the Swamp SC-200 for phantom power. It runs on USB and is very convenient to plug in and go. It worked without drivers on Ubuntu 23.40

Awesome Ser

By: Lucious Nicholson on 17 December 2022
Great little USB Audio Interface. At this stage in the process I'm just recording using the "Bandlab" app on my Acer Chromebook & it works perfectly & does exactly what says it will. Very happy

Great product

By: Gary Irwin on 12 August 2021
Very happy with this product and great service from the seller .

Works great as an external soundcard for Linux

By: Anonymous on 20 April 2019
On both Debian 9 and Ubuntu 18.4 systems this device works perfectly as soon as it was connected - no drivers were needed. I added a Rode VXLR+ so I could connect the PC headset's microphone and got much better quality sound than the onboard soundcard in my computer. USB playback sound quality was noticeably better than my 7 year old brand name 8 channel mixer. I like that I can use it to record from both balanced or unbalanced sources easily. The analogue side is very clean and everything feels solidly built. 've had it a few months now, and still very impressed. Overall the SM11 is a great way to have full and easy control over both the desktop speakers and the headset on your computer.

Excellent Product

By: Anonymous on 17 March 2019
Bought this from Swamp over a year ago and it's still performing perfectly. Exactly what I needed for my small home studio, mainly used as a practice tool and basic interface. No bugs, crackle, or any unwanted noise. The pots feel firm, smooth and even, as good as any pro-level board that I've had hands-on experience with, inputs are well-shielded. With my DI rig (guitar, pedalboard, preamp & IR loader) and the mixer connected up to my PC, jamming along to backing tracks and working with the recording software (currently using Reaper or Audacity but that may change) and I'm good to go. Solidly designed, this will probably keep on serving my needs for quite some time. If you don't need more than 3 channels, in terms of value for money this can't be beat.

Really great value

By: Anonymous on 30 August 2018
Have put this unit to the test and love it completely. It was definately plug and play and worked well on the standard Win10 drivers. I have mine using the Magix Low Latency drivers and it performs even better. Bought this primarily to record simple tracks in portable/outdoor scenarios. Has some noise if the gain is full, but if you understand recording, it is about clear signal, not volume as such that produces a useable track. This sends good clear signals up to around the 3/4 gain (neck/bridge humbucker guitar) with minimal noise. I think the truth is, use a good guitar and this thing will perform very well. Very useable and for what we pay, great value. Thanks Swamp. Be test driving it tonight at rehersals on laptop battery power (which is why I needed it most).

SWAMP 3 Channel Mixer Audio Interface - 1 Mic Prea

By: SPOTONGUITAR on 13 June 2018
The team at SWAMP have done it again ..! Top little mixer - simple, high quality. I plugged it in and it worked the first time exactly as the promo's said it would. No configuration was needed with my computer (Windows 10). The price and value for money is amazing; and the emails just keep coming - Tim and the boys just can't do enough for you ..! I'm definitely a SWAMPie for life!

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