SWAMP DB-1 Passive Direct Injection Box - DI Box


SWAMP DB-1 Passive Direct Injection Box - DI Box

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SWAMP Passive Direct Box for transforming high-impedance, unbalanced instrument outputs to low-impedance, balanced inputs.


SWAMP Passive Direct Box for transforming high-impedance, unbalanced instrument outputs to low-impedance, balanced inputs.

Connect Guitars to PA Speakers
This unit is used when you have an unbalanced, high impedance instrument, like a guitar or keyboard, and want to plug it into a PA speaker without going through a mixer.

Many people skip this step when plugging gear such as guitars directly into mixers and speakers.


  • Passive DI
  • Attenuation up to 40dB
  • Parallel Output - Pre-pad / bypass
  • Input and Para Out Impedance: 50k Ohm
  • Balanced In/Out Impedance: 600 Ohm


  • Length: 120mm
  • Width: 75mm
  • Height: 40mm
  • Weight: Approximately 450g
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Seriously amazing for the price

By: Daphne McEldowney on 23 November 2023
This is comparable with Radial DIs that cost 10x what this one does. Bought on a whim to try it out, after reading the other reviews, and was not disappointed. Will definitely be buying a few more!

Swamp DB-1

By: Paul Watters on 23 March 2023
The Swamp DB-1 works well with my Classical Electric Guitar. I turn up the volume of the Fishman pickup to maximum and plug into the XLR input on whichever PA I am using. There is no noise and the the output is such that the channel is neither over or under driven. If I am using an active, battery powered guitar pickup I will first try using the Swamp DB-1 when sorting out the guitar sound before gigging.

Great value for money

By: Jack Green on 22 February 2019
Such a great price for what this is and does. 5 Stars to Swamp

SWAMP DB-1 Passive Direct Injection Box - DI Box

By: Steve Knight on 29 March 2017
What a great little piece of kit this is. Value for money in spades. It cleaned up my noisy computer output and my hissy TC Voiceworks preamp. Comes with an attenuation switch boasting two cut settings of 20 and 40 dB. Great for keys and basses straight into the desk. Also features an earth lift input that works a treat. Highly recommended at such a good price. Five stars for SWAMP!

SWAMP DB-1 Passive Direct Injection Box - DI Box R

By: Vatche Demirjian on 3 May 2016
A fantastic and affordable DI box. I have several of them. Use them on stage or in my studio.
By: chad terris on 15 January 2016
Very happy with the delivery came quick and also the dis that i have bought a very good quality i was looking for better brands but this is a great sturdy di for its price very happy and will be buying a bulk of them very soon thank you swamp
By: Jack Quinn on 21 August 2015
Takes signal from bass, keys, acoustic or electric guitar, keeps it nice and clean too.
By: Walter Pearce on 18 June 2015
I've bought around a dozen of these DI boxes over the last couple of years. If you are looking for a budget DI that performs like a professional unit you can't go past this one. Amazing quality for the price!
By: Mr. Nathan Reed on 16 May 2015
Great product, especially for the price. Very Easy to use. Works great.
By: Patrick on 9 May 2015
All you need in a DI at a price that's hard to beat. I'm using this in a bass guitar rack. Sound quality seems fine, though I don't have anything really high-end to compare it to, and high frequency definition isn't so critical for bass guitar. There are also some mounting screw holes that can just be seen in the photographs that were useful for mounting it inside the rack box.
By: david knechtli on 1 May 2015
Using DI box to play iPad through mixer, works really well. I am now buying three more as spares for strings and wood wind instruments. Good DI.
By: Rob Mac on 16 March 2014
Works well, fairly solid build, can't get a DI much cheaper than this and they actually sound better and cleaner than other (nonpassive) budget DIs I've tried.
By: neil abra on 12 July 2013
all the features you need for stage use - great price compact and well designed
By: Mr. Winfred Loip on 31 March 2013
used Di box for live video streaming conference. box was connected between computer and sound system of a hall.
By: STEPHEN WILLDER on 30 March 2013
Thankyou for your quick service ,, the product works very well and i am very happy with your company
By: Mr. Philadelphia Murefu on 26 March 2013
This small DI box z fantastic.Small portable and excellent production of sound.

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