iSK RF-5 Sound Reflection Filter - Recording Vocal Booth

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A stylish portable vocal booth system that can be used to isolate a microphone when recording, to reduce room ambiance, reflected sound and external noise.

iSK RF-5 reflection filter is a stylish portable vocal booth system that can be used to isolate a microphone when recording, to reduce room ambiance, reflected sound and external noise. The RF-5 is perfect for home studios and location recordings where a room may not have acoustic treatment. The booth can be mounted on any standard mic stand with a tripod base.

Perfect for Home Recording
A reflection filter will help create a "dry" vocal recording when using sensitive condenser microphones in a home studio where sound reflections and room noise are apparent. This a good idea for small rooms with hard surfaces and no acoustic treatment. A dry vocal signal is much easier to work on in post production.

Acoustic Foam Layered Walls
Featuring 5 sound absorbing walls built from high quality, stylish metal panels with a pyramid foam layering. Beneath the pyramid foam layer is an additional layer foam layer providing additional isolation.

Item Includes:
- RF-5 Vocal Booth
- Mic Clip / Shockmount Mounting Piece


  • Perfect solution for home studio or location vocal or voice recording
  • Effectively diffuses acoustic waves surrounding the microphone keeping the sound from bouncing back toward the microphone, controlling reflected sound waves that can cause coloration
  • Consists of 5 pieces of high quality professional sound-absorptive metal panels (the 3 center panels are stationary - the 2 side panels are foldable), it is easy to adjust the recording area depending on the situation
  • Folds down for convenient pack-up and storage
  • Pyramid shaped professional sound-absorptive foam to reduce sound echo and maximise diffusion.
  • Dimensions:(W) 435mm x (H) 325mm x (D) 260mm
    Weight: 2.64Kg
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Rode NT1-A with the iSK RF-5 booth

By: on 13 June 2020
Very pleased with the result, especially setting up the booth in a walk-in wardrobe to further muffle sound. Using the NT1-A and Rode lav mic into a Tascam recorder gives excellent results. Movie Makers club members asked which studio I recorded the sound narrative. Use a walk-in wardrobe, better if it is U-shaped with 3 sides of hanging clothes.

Value for Money

By: on 8 May 2018
Yes, you still need to treat your room (particularly behind the vocalist) but this reflection filter does a great job of reducing signals bouncing from the sides of the room and greatly focuses and improves the signal.

Review iSK RF-5 Sound Reflection Filter - Recordin

By: on 30 August 2017
Good solid product but my rode mic sits too high up so its very top and the pop shield are above the booth. Very annoying. Tried to fix it but after hours of buggering about concluded that the only mic that sits as it should is the iSK equivalent.

<p>Hi there,<br /> <br /> We are sorry to hear that the RF-5 was not a suitable match for your microphone. Please note that we do have a 30 Day money back returns policy, provided the item is in as new condition. Please<a href=""> contact us directly</a> if you'd like to take advantage of this policy.<br /> <br /> Regards,<br /> SWAMP Industries</p>

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