Audio Adapters

There are going to be times when you just don't have the right cable for a particular connection. This is when an using an audio adapter is useful, allowing an existing audio cable to be used to in combination with the adapter to yield the correct connection.

What types of signals can Swamp Audio Adapters carry?
Our main adapter range are constructed with 25AWG gauge copper wire, designed for Mic and Line Level signals. So compatible with all Mic, TRS and RCA cables, mixing consoles and audio interfaces. Also stocked are Speakon adapters, built with 2.5mm2 connectors and suitable for Speaker level signals.

Do Audio Adapters affect the sound quality?
With no noise noticeable to the human ear, our audio adapters are suitable for live performance and professional field work. In a studio recording, it may be a good idea to remove adapters from the chain if possible to maintain maximum signal integrity.