Dynamic Microphones

Dynamic microphones are the workhorse of all microphone types. They are well suited for live performances, durable and relatively inexpensive. Dynamic mics are also very versatile in their uses and they can also be used for various tasks in the studio. A dynamic mic needs to be placed close to the sound source for optimum performance.

Dynamic Vocal Mics
Dynamic microphones are perfectly suited to vocals and speech in live performance, due to their uni-directional (cardioid) polar pattern and natural rejection to feedback. The frequency response of vocal mics such as the Shure SM58 and iSK DM-58 are also designed to suit the human voice.

In the studio, dynamic mics will often be used to mic loud instruments such as guitar amps and drums, as they have a much higher threshold of gain than many condensers do.

Dynamic Mics for Drums
Obviously, drums are often the loudest acoustic instrument in a band, which makes dynamic mics perfect for mic’ing individual drums without having to worry about the drums being too loud and distorting the mics.

Instrument Microphones
In addition to guitar amps and tom/kick drums listed above, dynamic mics are useful for other loud instruments including brass and stringed instruments. The Shure SM57 is a workhorse microphone that can be used to mic guitar amps and acoustics instruments with results that are hard to beat with any mic.