Cable Trays - Covers

Cable trays and cable covers are an industry requirement at public events wherever a cable run is placed in a pedestrian area. Cable trays are a valuable and necessary piece of equipment for audio and lighting companies, venues and studios. Also organsations such as schools universities can benefit greatly by using cable guards and covers to meet OH&S requirements and standards.

Cable trays are heavy duty and built to withstand light vehicle traffic and ideal for carrying multiple signal types such as audio, lighting and power at large events. Stocked in 2 channel and 5 channel options and sold with accompanying corner pieces to enable use in any application.

Dropover cable covers lock securely together in 1m longer pieces, providing a flexible and simple solution to temporary and permanent cable cover needs. Perfect for multiple strands of standard diameter video and audio cables.

Our range of cable covers for carpet feature 'hooks' similar to Velcro, that will stick to any nylon based carpet and provide a super simply way of covering cables in a workplace. Being very light and easy to remove, they are the ideal solution for temporary cable covering on carpet.