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USB Type C Male to Ethernet LAN Adapter

USB Type C Male to Ethernet LAN Adapter

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Ethernet cables are familiar to most of us as the cable required to connect a computer to a broadband / LAN network. There are a few different standards for Ethernet network cables; Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6. Cat5e is a faster version of the Cat5 standard, and Cat5e cables are common place for all Cat5 applications as they are back compatible. The Cat6 standard is capable of even greater transfer speeds, but currently this standard is only used for equipment specifically requiring such hig speeds of data transfer.

Ethernet Cables for Digital Audio and Lighting
With the rise of digital audio and the price of digital mixing consoles coming down considerably, there is an increasing need for Ethernet cables to carry digital signals between interfaces in the studio and for live performance. Cat5e is the standard Ethernet cable type for use with digital audio and lighting. The days of the super thick multicore cables are on their way out, a single Cat5e cable can carry a whole stage worth of audio or DMX channels.