NEXG® The Ultimate Smart Guitar


Discover the NEXG® series, where traditional guitar craftsmanship meets cutting-edge technology. Each model, from the versatile NEXG® 2 to the classic NEXG® 2N and the streamlined NEXG® SE, redefines the guitar experience. Immerse yourself in a world of musical innovation with smart features that cater to every style and skill level.


NEXG Versions





The perfect choice for musicians seeking a versatile, all-in-one smart guitar. Ideal for creative experimentation with its loop station, effects processor, and advanced audio technology. Best for players who enjoy blending traditional guitar play with innovative sound possibilities.

NEXG 2 Smart Guitar


The NEXG® 2N perfectly blends classical style with modern technology. It features warm nylon strings and a traditional slotted headstock, ideal for enthusiasts of the classical guitar feel, enhanced with advanced smart functionalities for the modern musician.

NEXG 2N Smart Guitar


The NEXG® SE offers key features of the NEXG series with a streamlined, user-friendly design. Ideal for aspiring and seasoned musicians, it provides a simplified yet sophisticated experience, focusing on essential functionality and ease.


NEXG SE Smart Guitar




All-in-One Smart Guitar

The NEXG 2 combines the versatility of a traditional acoustic guitar with advanced audio technology, packing multiple features into one sleek instrument.

Integrated Effects & More

Ignite your creativity with the NEXG 2. Its integrated effects, drum beat, tuner, and vocal remover features enhance your playing experience. Shape your sound, add rhythm, stay in tune, and play along effortlessly.

Intuitive Interface and App Integration

Control your effects, loops, and settings with ease through the NEXG 2's intuitive interface. Enhance your experience further by integrating with the companion app, unlocking additional features and customization options.

NEXG Smart Guitar Feature

Built-in Looper

Capture and layer your musical ideas effortlessly with the onboard looper and wireless pedal, say goodbye to timing challenges and unlock your full musical potential with NEXG2.

Wireless Speaker

Seamlessly connect the NEXG 2 to your smart devices and use it as a Wireless speaker, allowing you to stream music, play along with backing tracks, or enjoy high-quality audio wherever you go.

Acoustic Profiling

Experience authentic acoustic guitar tones with the NEXG 2's acoustic profiling technology, accurately capturing the unique characteristics of your acoustic guitar and providing realistic simulations.



















NEXG 1 Smart Guitar Series

NEXG 2 Smart Guitar Series NEXG 2N Smart Guitar Series NEXG SE Smart Guitar Series
Type Steel String Acoustic V1 Steel String Acoustic V2 Nylon Acoustic V2 Steel String Acoustic V2 - Streamlined

Standard (discontinued 2023)

Upgrade to V2 ($370)

Deluxe ($1199): everything included, except wireless headset mic

Basic ($949): no charging stand, wireless handheld mics, in-ear monitor

Silent ($649): no speaker, charging stand, wireless handheld mics

Standard ($1049) Standard ($599)
Speaker 50W (max) 80W (max) 50W (max) 30W (max)
Display Non-touch B&W screen Colorful touch screen Colorful touch screen Non-touch colorful screen
Weight 6.8 lbs. 6.8 lbs. 6.4 lbs. 6.7 lbs.
Strings D'Addario® EXP16 D'Addario® YP-XS Savarez 510AJ Enya Custom Phosphor Bronze
Colours Black, White, Dark blue, Pink Black, White, Light blue, Purple Black, Red, White Light Gray/Light Purple/Light Green/Light Pink
System Enya ES2 smart audio Enya ES3 smart audio Enya ES3 smart audio Enya ES3 smart audio
Drum Machine N Y Y N
Patch Storage 5 20 20 4
Onboard Looper N Y Y N
Acoustic Profiling N Y Y Y
Effect Chain N Y Y Y
Deeper Effects N Y Y Y
Looper  N Y Y Y
Wireless Handheld Mic. Y Y Optional Optional
Wireless Headset Mic. N Optional Optional Optional
Wireless Pedal N Y Y N
Charging Stand Standard (Optional) Fast charging (Included) Fast charging (Optional) Fast charging (Optional)



Enya App

Download the Enya Music App to connect your smart instrument via bluetooth to enable control of features such as effects, EQ and mixer. The app detects the device model you connect - meaning there one app for connecting both the NEXG and NOVA Go series. Once the device is connected, the specific features available for that model are displayed.


Apple App Store Google Play App Store


Enya App Image 1 Enya App Image 2

Advanced Acoustic Tone Profiling Technology and Intuitive App Integration

Discover Boundless Tonal Possibilities with NEXG®'s Guitar Tone Profiling Technology. Customize your sound effortlessly and unlock a world of unique guitar tones. Seamlessly integrate with the companion app for precise control and expanded creative potential.





What's Included

The included and compatible accessories differ based on the model. The NEXG 2 includes most accessories including Wireless Footswitch, Wireless Handheld Mic, Charging Stand, In-ear Headphones, Fast Charger, USB Cable, Strap and Case. While the Wireless Headset Mic is currently only included with the NEXG SE range, however it's available for purchase as an optional extra for the NEXG 2. Some models are not compatible with certain accessories - check the comparison table to confirm. View the images below to see what is included.



The Enya Music NEXG Carbon Fibre Smart Guitar revolutionizes your music experience by merging traditional acoustic guitar design with advanced audio tech. It's an all-in-one instrument boasting built-in effects, looper, drum machine, and an intuitive interface for effortless control. The NEXG 2's redesigned speaker system nearly doubles the volume, delivering richer mid-to-high frequency details without strong vibrations. The NEXG 2 also features a dual-mode Bluetooth chip for seamless connectivity to your smart devices and the Enya Music app. With dozens of digital sound effect modules, 20 pre-sets, and more controls via the app, the NEXG truly expands your creative potential, all while being portable with a custom gig case, charging stand, and wireless accessories.



Size 38-inch Full Size
Body Material Carbon Fibre
Fretboard: Radius (16") Carbon Fibre
Nut Width 1.68 Inches & Zero Fret Design [1.87 on NEXG 2N]
Saddle Bone
Scale Length 23.7 Inches [25.87 on NEXG 2N]
Frets 20 (Round-End Nickel Silver) [19 on NEXG 2N]
Finish Satin
Speaker 12.5W Woofer & 2x 15W Tweeter [SE model differs]
Battery 43.68Wh / 2600 MAh