Upgrade your NEXG guitar to the new V2 version

Posted: 27 November 2023

Synopsis: Enya is supporting customers you would like to upgrade from the NEXG1 to the new NEXG2 components. This gives you the new 80W speaker and the new ES3 module that enables to use of the looper and drum machine.

Enya is supporting customers who would like to upgrade from the NEXG 1 to the new NEXG 2 components. This gives you the new 80W speaker and the new ES3 module that enables to use of the looper and drum machine. The wireless looper can also then be used, though it will be offered sepatrely to the standard 'upgrade kit'. A new wireless microphone is included with the kit.

Upgrade Kit - AUD$190

The below included components enable you to upgrade your NEXG1 to get all the features of the NEXG2. The V2 body has subtle design differences and is slightly lighter, though otherwise the same.

  • ES3 Module
  • 80W Speaker
  • NEXG2 Compatiable Wireless Mic
  • Input/Output plate

The process for carrying out the upgrade is relativley simple and just requires a phillips head screw driver and some masking tape to complete. Enya have already provided us with some video demonstrations that are quite helpful, however we are in the process of creating our own complete video guide and demonstration that will walk you through the entire process. Alternativaly we can offer to carry out the replacement for you, there is a $30 fee for the upgrade work. You will also need to cover the postage costs, though we can offer the use of our freight account to save costs.

Optional Wireless Looper - AUD$110

The wireless pedal is not reqeired to use the Looper and Drum Machine functionality, however it obviously does make it much easier to control during performance. We will continue to stock them as an accessoriy for those that wish to include it with their upgrade.


Optional Wireless Headset Microphone - AUD$80

The EWM-H1 wireless headset microphone is an optional accessory that you can use in place of the handheld wireless mic included as standard (EWM-H1 is not included with NEXG2 by default). The EWM-H1 is only compatiable with NEXG2. 


How to buy?

We are in the process of making the above upgrade kit and accessories available for direct purchase via our website. 
In the mean-time, please contact us to confirm the upgrade accessories you wish to purchase. Also confirm the colour of your NEXG, as the module and plate need to match.


Video Demo

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