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REPAIRED: Alctron MPS-1 Linear Power Supply

REPAIRED: Alctron MPS-1 Linear Power Supply

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Adequate power supply is required for all pro audio gear and non acoustic musical equipment. Most large devices are equipped with their own internal power supply (AC adapter) that converts standard 240V power into the voltage and current required by the unit. Such devices will usually have a female IEC plug (kettle plug) on the rear of the unit. Smaller devices requiring less voltage are often sold with external power supplies, often referred to as AC Adapters. An AC adapter converts the 240V AC power from a wall outlet and converts it into DC power, suitable for use by the device.

Power boards with Surge Protection
Protecting your expensive musical equipment from power surges can be one of the best investments you ever make. If your house or studio is ever in the line of a lightening strike or power company caused power surge, a powerboard with surge protection is one of your only defenses. Our power board range includes units offering up to 36,000 amps of surge protection.