Fibreglass Panels

Looking to improve your home studio acoustics? Or need to add some level of soundproofing to your jam room? Now with 2 new colours stocked: Blue and Grey (as well as Black, Beige and Red already available). All 5 colours available in 60x60cm and 60x120cm sheet sizes. Note that fibreglass 'absorbs' far more sound energy than acoustic foam, and is a better option to use for the '1st reflection' point. Consider foam for diffusion purposes, rather than absorption. We are looking to expand on range of colours over time, so reach out with any colour suggestions -- we'll add colours that get requested the most.

Fibreglass panels have been around for decades but have only recently made their mark on the audio industry. Through intensive sonic testing, it was discovered that fibreglass is one of best materials out there for acoustically treating a studio or recording room due to its high densitiy and relative light weight. Since Fibreglass panels are much denser than regular acoustic foam, they will absorb more sound energy using less material. The light-weight quality of the panels makes installation simple.