Guitar Capos

Latest capo in our range is the Ernie Ball Axis. The Ernie Ball Axis Capos provides a number of key features which makes it special - dual radius design which conforms to both flat and curved fretboards, precision molded rubber, Other excellent capos are available now for guitarists and stringed instrument players. The new Guitto GGC spring-style capos feature a strong tightening mechanism, a pick holder and pin remover. The G7th Performance 3 capo continues their fantastic tradition of excellent and innovative design.

A guitar capo is used by guitarists to shorten the playable length of the neck of the guitar, hence raising the pitch of the open tuning of the guitar. A capo is great for changing the key of a piece of music to suit the range of the vocalist. Also great for musicans with 'writers block', putting on a capo instantly changes the sound and feel of the guitar.